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  1. Thanks. Is there any particular beach or part of the island that is better than others?
  2. Is there anywhere to snorkel at Harvest Caye without booking an excursion? We have our own gear.
  3. Hey Sid. I know this is a little unrelated, but I noticed you said the Internet wasn't very good on the Bliss last year. Do you know if it was better when you were in port or at sea? Thanks.
  4. How good is the internet on the Reflection? Is it good enough for Skype? What about voice only calls? Does the signal tend to be better in port or at sea? How reliable is the signal (like if I have a call at a scheduled time, how likely is that I'll actually be able to make the call)? Thanks.
  5. About how long does one spend at the park?
  6. I did try a mock booking both logged in and logged out and the prices were the same for the cruise I'm watching.
  7. Yesterday I noticed the Latitudes 20% off offer appear on all of the cruises available to book. However, none of the prices actually changed. I assume the offer appearing on all of the cruises is a mistake. Does anyone have any further info? Thanks.
  8. How good is the wifi (with the unlimited premium internet package) on the Bliss? When in port in the Western Caribbean (specifically Honduras and Grand Cayman) will I be able to use Skype video calling? What about Skype voice only calling or FaceTime? Is there another calling service that works better than Skype? Alternatively, does anyone have any experience with T-Mobile service in Honduras or Grand Cayman? Thanks!
  9. I am considering a two week Western Caribbean cruise on the Bliss in January. In order to be able to go away for two weeks, I will have to have some meetings via Skype in either Georgetown, Grand Cayman or Roatan, Hounduras. Does anyone know if there is some place near either port with reliable wifi? Alternatively, will my T-Mobile service work well enough to use on the boat (I know it doesn't have great service in the Caribbean)? What about if I have the NCL unlimited internet? Just trying to explore all the options. Thanks.
  10. I stayed in a spa balcony on the Escape two weeks ago and it was very quiet. I looked carefully at the deck plans and made sure my room was under other rooms and not under the gym or the pool (I think one side is under Haven rooms and the other side is under the gym).
  11. Thanks for all the advice. I will definitely keep an eye on the launch schedule!
  12. Thanks everyone for the advice. Just a little more info, we're two adults. We'll be on the Escape from NYC. We are porting in Cape Canaveral and our scheduled port time is 1-9pm (so all aboard will be 8:30pm). The NCL excursion departs the ship at 1:30pm and is due back at 6:30pm.
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