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  1. We have used Celebrity Air for our cruise out of Tampa in December 2022. First time we have not arranged our own air travel on a cruise. There was a deal being offered and he prices were very competitive. That was a few months back. By chance we looked at our air booking to remind ourselves which seats we had booked on the four legs of the whole booking. Lucky we did as we found out the Virgin flight to Boston had been cancelled and we had been rebooked for the following day despite the fact the the Boston to Tampa leg with Delta was still on the day before ! No communication of this change from Celebrity, Virgin or Delta. We sat in a queue on the phone for over an hour to Celebrity in the UK and for another half an hour when we did get through to an agent. Eventually we had a new set of outbound flights given to us the following day. Or rather we went on and looked at our booking since we had no direct communication from Celebrity. The new flight across the pond is with Delta rather than Virgin. Sadly they had booked us into economy which is not what we had paid for. A quick e-mail got that partially corrected but still the cabin on the Boston flight is not the equivalent of what we had on the original Virgin flight. Another wait on the phone is upcoming methinks,, Our bottom line is that we probably won't choose to have Celebrity arrange our air travel again. .
  2. I was quick to berate Saga when their processes were broken so in fairness I am going to be equally quick in letting you know that they have rectified the situation within 24 hours. Once the break in communications was resolved we have been told that our refund has been processed and we have been given the same compensation as the poster in a previous thread who had had the same misfortune with their driver. We also received a full apology and an assurance that the issues we encountered, particularly those at the port, are to be taken on board for future cruises. Thank you Saga and thank you all for your kind words and moral support.
  3. We heard from guest relations today after I had emailed them directly. We still do not know why we have not been contacted after the initial call with the welfare department. We still do not know what our options really are. We have now been told that we are operating within the standard resolution window of 28 days from now. We were told that this is the maximum time and that hopefully it may be within 14 days. I can only compare our circumstances to that of the passengers returning on Spirit of Adventure tomorrow who have been told their refunds were to be processed within 7 days. I realise this whole topic must seem like a bit of a whinge. It really is very unlike us to complain about anything. I think I should stop posting now and quietly await the final resolution.
  4. Promised telephone call did not materialise. We called again to find out that another department should have been dealing with our issue. We will have to wait a little longer again. It really annoys me when you are promised a call that does not happen. Just manage expectations correctly. Call even if is to say there has been a delay in resolving an issue.
  5. Waited for the call from Saga to no avail. In the end we called them. Some confusion at their end so we have been promised a call with our detailed options on Monday now. Still testing negative so maybe just maybe we got extremely lucky. Incubation can still be as long as 14 days even with Omicron so we will just wait and see. Anybody want to buy some snow boots 😊😊😊
  6. Unfortunately I am writing this post from my study at home rather than from a cosy cabin on A deck on Spirit of Discovery which is just leaving the Thames Estuary according to cruise mapper. This afternoon we travelled all the way to Tilbury only to have our driver fail his Covid test despite claiming to have passed a test this morning before picking us up. We both tested negative which was to be expected given the extraordinary care we have been taking in the run up to this much awaited cruise. As close contacts we were obviously denied boarding. We shall hear the response concerning or options from Saga tomorrow hopefully. It goes without saying that we are bitterly disappointed. We were going to take this one risk out of the process by driving ourselves to the ship but this option was scuppered by changing the embarkation port to Tilbury and returning to Southampton. I thought Saga handled the communication of the issue quite well. The lead clinician and Saga rep both empathised with our situation and were quick to offer us some food and water for the return journey. That said they might have been better to talk to us before giving the driver advice on isolation procedures. Oh and the box of food offered might have been more palatable if it did not have the words 'Eat and Enjoy' emblazoned upon it !! Probably the biggest learning point for them was the way in which we had to leave the testing area to return to home. Our driver, who was mortified by the way, was directed into the huge queue of vehicles in several lines that were waiting to hand over their negative test cartridges and health questionnaires before continuing on to luggage drop. We had or sit there for twenty minutes watching the ship. It was only when my wife left the car and pleaded with the Saga staff to let us through quickly that we managed to get away. The staff responded quickly to be fair but this cannot have been the first time this situation has occurred so please Saga don't put others through what you put us through. It was mental torture. If by any chance this is read by guests heading towards the Northern Lights on SofD I wish you bon voyage. I hope you hAVE ideal conditions to see the Lights. Enjoy all that the Ship and Itinerary offer.
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