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  1. We are in this cruise from the uk. Weve never been to Alaska before and looking forward to seeing Millie after the renovation. Mill look forward to following this too. we are on deck 11 AQ cabins too.
  2. The entertainment with celebrity I have found to Ben very poor compared to the likes of princess. We were on Connie in may and then again at Xmas and the same shows were on which was very dispointing. Weve never had a problem with the food always sale in AQ and love blu.
  3. We always decorate ours for Xmas as we are always on them for Xmas and new year, not many people do. But we’ve never been told we can’t decorate our door.
  4. That’s great thank you for this information. We were going on the x reflection at new year for a carribean cruise. Now it’s a 10 night carribean for new year onboard crown princess. I like the idea of paying for the sanctuary for the whole cruise I didn’t realise this was possible.
  5. ah perfect thank you or this information its really helpful. we've done both X and royal at xmas and new year. We are looking at a sailing on the crown princess. Thats good to hear about desserts i love mine!!!
  6. Ah ok, thanks so much for that info. Is the main dinning of a high standard for food?
  7. Hi, we have sailed with celebrity in aqua class for the last 4 years and never sailed with princess. We just wondered do they have anything similar to aqua class and do they do anything significant for new years eve. As we are looking at a new year cruise with them, any help would be gratefully appreciated. many thanks
  8. We have always sailed in blu and don’t know any different sometimes we sail as a 2 and other times with my parents. we love Blu and the personal touches you get also as a vegetarian it’s always the little details that matter to me. in regards to tables some cruises we’ve been on people don’t even acknowledge you when you sit down next to them. We found this on the med cruise we did last May from Barcelona to Venice as we are a young couple both in our 30s) for most people we always get a disapproving look. Weve done three Xmas and new year cruise and the atmosphere is completely different most tables will acknowledge you and some in detailed conversation. weve found out some great tips by talking to the next table about tips for our next port or different wine or cocktail to try. Justa polite evening or smile and you’ll soon know if they want to talk or not! please don’t be put off, we love celebrity for the pure fact of Blu this stands them apart from royal who we used to sail with. Enjoy
  9. Yes I’d be interested to know that too.
  10. Oh dear I hope you are as well as you can be. I didn’t realise you could request for it to be sent to a us travel against even if we are in the uk. Its very true us being in the uk always seem to get worse offers including we don’t get the offer upgrades.
  11. We booked onboard and transferred the booking to an independent trave Agartala who is based at home in the uk. She is dealing with it for us however celebrity are not wanting anything to do with us and our booking. We have three more cruises booked with celebrity and this is making us think twice about doing future bookings onboard.
  12. We are sailing on the millennium in May and booked this onboard in December 2018. However today I have noticed the offer for booking A1 cabin is over £800 per cabin cheaper. I understand rates fluctuate but by this amount is crazy. Theres 6 of us traveling so over three cabins your talking of over £2000. The offer at the minute also includes a drinks package, on board spend and gratuities. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems like once again there's no loyalty with any cruise lines once again.
  13. Thanks so much for your review we are sailing on millennium in May to Alaska. It’s great to see the pics of what we can expect with the changes
  14. Totally agree with everyone, make sure you do your reasearch we use it obc for excursions if we have any. We have used independent companies and also cruising excursions website. I feel better fivinv to independents as they actually get the money rather than the big cruise ship ones and they charge a ridiculous amount!
  15. Thank you so much for your amazing review. we board the millennium in May for an Alaska cruise and were very sceptical about the refurb as we were on constellation at Xmas and has heard various rumours about what they were doing tonthe millennium sonthis clarifies most things. i understand what you mean about the CD Steve Gayda he was in at Xmas on Connie and things were timed at crazy times and we never saw him around the ship at all! Its great to see the pics of the public areas we love cafe al Bacio so great to see it hasn’t changed to much. Hope your still having a fab time and once again thank you for taking the time to produce this.
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