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  1. Yea I'm not buying it at that price! Its just crazy that all the advertised prices give a range from like $99-$129. So the "sale" is even higher than the normal range. If it drops down we may pick up two passes, if not there is a nice free pool and beach.
  2. Thank you! We are going to be on the June 5 sailing. Right now the full day pass is high at $131. I dont understand at all how thats a "sale" price.
  3. @peacefrogdog - Did you ever figure this out? We are doing the Indy July 2020 and looking for this pass if we can get a good rate. But probably not worth it if its really only a partial day!
  4. We had a great process with Enchantment out of PC. We arrived, dropped off people and luggage, parked and checked in around 10:15-10:45. We boarded right after 11. We had to wait until 11:30 for the WJ to open for lunch.
  5. I will have to look through pictures but I forgot to take a shot of the menu most nights!
  6. Our 3 and 6 year old loved Enchantment. The only thing was the Rock Wall and the Bungee Trampoline were both ages 6+. But they both loved the pool and the kids club.
  7. Just an FYI, the added on meals (steak/lobster/etc) were 20% off all three nights in the MDR.
  8. We just had a beautiful day there this weekend. Nothing booked except an umbrella when we got there. We really toyed with getting something nicer to rent but we were really happy without. We walked over to the cove area just before you get to the wave runners and the bungalows and south beach. It was great.
  9. We asked this week and they said the only staff that live on the island are security and some management. We saw them still tendering the food to the island.
  10. Thank you. We will certainly talk to our waiter on the first night. We recognize it can throw off the flow of the section but we will be a table to ourselves (no tablemates). Yes, we are docked from Noon - Midnight and we have an excursion booked from 1-5 pm (only time available with our dock times). We hopefully can get back on the ship quickly! I hope its quiet in the MDR but since our port is just Nassau I'm sure many may still come back on ship.
  11. Curious, we leave on the Enchantment this week!
  12. We went ahead and got the Summer Infant one from the Amazon Open Box Warehouse. So we paid $66. I feel like the $20 ones are a complete waste. They dont push well, dont have shade or storage and can't be comfortable for the kids. We are also traveling with our 2 year old and other 2 older kids. I will probably try to sell to a consignment store or on FB Marketplace for $20-$30 and recoup some money.
  13. Thanks. We are a party of 10 so waiting for MTD intimidated us and we wanted to do the kids Adventure Ocean pick up which I understand is only available for the early seating. At the time when we made this decision we didn't realize the formal night conflicted with the port day. I wish we were in Nassau early morning ;( I think we can hopefully make it from our charter back on time for formal dinner. The girls may not have time to do their hair but we can still get dressed up and enjoy a seated dinner.
  14. Yes, its a very short 3 night cruise and unfortunately our stop in Nassau that day is from noon - midnight. Our docs say formal night is night 2 and that is our Nassau day. Is there a better way to verify this?
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