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  1. We just booked a trip the week of fourth of july! It was just under $2k for 5 in an interior room for a five night cruise. ($80pp/pd including taxes/fees).
  2. Yea I'm not buying it at that price! Its just crazy that all the advertised prices give a range from like $99-$129. So the "sale" is even higher than the normal range. If it drops down we may pick up two passes, if not there is a nice free pool and beach.
  3. Thank you! We are going to be on the June 5 sailing. Right now the full day pass is high at $131. I dont understand at all how thats a "sale" price.
  4. @peacefrogdog - Did you ever figure this out? We are doing the Indy July 2020 and looking for this pass if we can get a good rate. But probably not worth it if its really only a partial day!
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