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  1. 10/13 birthdays were cancelled this year??? What great news - another year of 49 for me too!
  2. If you can make independent arrangements, check out Rancho Buenavista. I had wanted to ride with them a few years ago, but unfortunately, the day I was to be in port was their day off. Rancho Buenavista info@buenavistaranch.com phone+521 987 111 90 41 Cozumel Q. Roo, Mexico
  3. That has to smell wonderful when mowing the lawn!
  4. Re: pillows, I would think some time in a hot dryer would kill most beasties; definitely COVID. I agree with not liking the idea of spraying toxic chemicals!
  5. You're right Lois - it IS very easy to meet others, even for solitude loving me. I've been known to request a table hidden behind a column when I just want to enjoy a quick lunch, as inevitably I will get spotted and asked if I would like some company! Other guests are generally VERY friendly! I always make at least two reservations for myself only and enjoy them very much. First night at La Terraza is mandatory, and one for La Champagne, but if I found myself on a sailing with few solos I'd probably cancel the last night six-top and invite one of my favorite couples to dine with me for a four-top rezzy. Worst case scenario, change the reservation to just myself as early as possible. I don't know if other lines would make it so easy, but Silversea certainly makes it so. They only times I've felt guilty were when I ended up cancelling a rezzy for one at the last minute because I ran into a new solo friend on the way to the restaurant with a rezzy as well, and we decided to combine them. I prefer to give our fabulous maitre d's and captains ample notice. Anyhow, to return to topic, making reservations ahead of time for a number greater than the occupancy of your suite is NOT a problem! Bechi
  6. Lois, I suppose I've just been lucky. I usually reserve a four-top at La Terraza mid-cruise and a six-top at the Grill for the last night and have always had "takers". I know the gentlemen hosts and international hostesses put a table together in the Restaurant each night, but it's nice to gather in the specialty restaurants as well. Maybe that's why I've never had a problem! I imagine at least a few of the solos are hesitant to make reservations only for themselves, so might not otherwise get a chance to dine in the specialty restaurants. I only do this on cruises where I've made the commitment to myself to attend the solo gatherings and be outgoing and socialize. I am definitely an introvert, but do enjoy company when I'm "in the mood" as long as I get the "me" time I crave. I've met some really great groups on some cruises where we've arranged for private cocktail parties and shore excursions. I have some really wonderful memories. Hoping to meet up with you on Silversea one day! I've shared a few cruises with Silver Spectre, but I don't believe he and his lovely wife ever really go home! <g> Bechi
  7. AtMaui, I've sailed often as a solo and like to reserve a table for four or six a few times during the cruise so I may invite any future new friends I encounter during the voyage. It has never been a problem. Just make the reservation for the number of diners expected as you would at any land-based restaurant. Bechi
  8. About to go into lockdown? In Hell's Kitchen yesterday:
  9. pf778c


    I can highly recommend Mike Watson. I rode with him and some former students of his a few years ago along the railway trail and had a fantastic time. I also had a ride scheduled with Moran Meadows, but received an email that the ride had been canceled and was unable to confirm in time to find out that was untrue, but was able to enjoy a ride with Spicelands Equestrian along with shore. They were pretty disorganized and I ended up having to wake someone up for my scheduled ride when I arrived. I later heard that they may have been in the process of changing hands. Wishing your daughter luck!
  10. I would say that some people will tip regardless. Most luxury lines include gratuities, but many people tip on top of that as well. I always donate to the crew fund, but did tip my butler once when he took it upon himself to clean and polish my tall boots (I like to go horse riding in the country while in port).
  11. I am used to a "pillowy" bed, so always request a topper in advance. I don't believe it is always the same type used, however. An egg crate type was used on my last Shadow cruise and I believe I would have noticed the "points" previously, so think a different type was used in the past. They have ALL been extremely comfortable!
  12. I just email my TA and have them contact the cruiseline on my behalf along with any other requests I may need to make.
  13. As I prefer a "pillowy" bed, I always request a topper prior to embarkation and it's always been on the bed when I board. Not something I'd want to have to pack and bring with me!
  14. I LOVE booking a cruise that departs from Old San Juan! I love solitude and riding, so it's the perfect excuse for me to spend as much time as possible in Rio Grande at Hacienda Siesta Alegre! Fantastic breakfast, no TV, beautiful stables, sleeping to the sound of the rain and breezes through the palms and the coquis - heaven! I grab a rental car from the airport and usually hit the kioskos in Luquilla most nights for dinner. After dropping off my luggage on the ship and unpacking it's time to wander around Old San Juan on embarkation day. Such a beautiful and charming little city (I have dreams of living here, but know it's too noisy and busy for me in reality)! One day in Old San Juan is enough for me though. Supposedly, there are areas in San Juan outside of the old touristy part of the city that visitors are not advised to frequent after dark, but that is true of any city and doubt that there would be any reason to be there in any case unless one was looking for trouble. Be smart and enjoy!
  15. I can second the recommendation for Platinum Heritage. We did a custom tour (platinum safari + astronomy + overnight in Bedouin village) with them last year and it was absolutely fantastic! Our guide, an expert on the desert and astrology, was with us the entire time, from picking us up at the hotel to dropping us off at the port the next morning. Great people, no crowds; an experience truly done right! I'll be booking with them again when the opportunity presents itself. I can also recommend the tours given by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.
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