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  1. My experience is limited; I have only cruised solo with one line, however I agree with Lois and feel that adequate provisions are made for solos to facilitate guest interaction, at least on this one line. Aside from shore excursions and scheduled activities like trivia and small "lunch and learn" type cooking demonstrations and wine tastings where guests are in small groups, they offer a hosted solo gathering each evening followed by a hosted table for dinner and gentlemen hosts on many cruises. I think this is primarily a concern for shy extroverts; those who desire interaction but have trouble socializing with strangers. I think if they were to make their concerns known to the crew member(s) hosting the solo gatherings, the host may be able to offer a bit of extra "social grease" to help them with introductions to others and finding common ground for further conversation. What we think of as "true" extroverts would have no problem, I think, and introverts by definition, are much more comfortable with solitude and may or may not even be interested in joining the solo gatherings. I consider myself mostly an introvert and sometimes attend the solo gatherings, sometimes not, but thankfully, I am not shy and find it easy to meet others when I fancy. I am grateful that this line I am familiar with offers a solo "program" but does not pressure anyone to partake. I would find that very uncomfortable!
  2. From what I've read, tea and a bowl of Special K.
  3. If it helps, this is my go-to: Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Mineral Lotion for Kids SPF 50, 5 Ounce | Broad Spectrum | Water Resistant. Have a great trip!
  4. No, but I'd love to! I've always wanted to do an inn to inn riding vacation through Scotland someday, but mainly just a few hours of trail riding here and there whilst on cruises. I did however, do a ride through Rajasthan with Relief Riders International years ago, which was pretty grueling at times! It was a new route, so we often found ourselves getting lost and not finding our way to the next camp until after dark. I also did a trail ride in Vermont on Icelandics a few years ago which was fantastic. Love that tolt! While cruising, I've managed to find reputable stables in the UAE and Greece, Central America, and throughout the Caribbean. That's the tough part; vetting outfitters sight unseen and making suitable arrangements. *Once*, I went on a Silversea-sponsored riding excursion, which spawned the horrifying realization that the term "nose to tail" is not mere sarcasm. I was falling asleep, my horse was falling asleep. I'm just glad it was one of the "included" excursions Silversea was offering shortly after Hurricane Maria in order to sponsor tourism in the area. To be fair, they did take pity on me and took me for a gallop down the beach once we finally plodded back to the stable, although I did find it unnerving to be galloping on a horse trained to ignore all commands from its rider and blindly follow the "lead" horse. Usually I'm the only riding nut, but I did meet up with a woman on the Whisper not too long ago who hadn't ridden since she was young, but was game to join me, and we had a lot of fun!
  5. I've been known to have my butler supply me with some fruits & veggies to take ashore as treats for the horses when I've gone riding. Even after telling him nothing fancy, he would still come back with something impressively elegant!
  6. Never tried Windstar Lois, but Sea Cloud is on my bucket list for the Caribbean. If you make it before I do, PLEASE post a review! Bechi
  7. I have a set of soft-sided Andiamo luggage I bought almost thirty years ago that will most likely out-live me. However I started replacing it with hard-sided virgin polycarbonate luggage about ten years ago because it's over airline weight limits before it's even half full. I decided on virgin polycarbonate because it's ridiculously light and difficult to destroy. It is rigid, but yielding, so fragile items do go in my carry-on. I tried to find a video from the UK that I watched back when I was deciding which luggage to purchase, but couldn't find it. It showed about a half dozen carry-ons being driven over, dropped off bridges, dumped in a river, etc. and how they fared. The virgin polycarbonate (not ABS) would crumple and dent when abused, but spring right back into shape when prodded; the ABS would shatter. The brand I purchased was also reasonable water-resistant which I liked. My only complaint is I do prefer two wheels over four spinners, but it does well when tipped and rolled two-wheel style over rough surfaces. I'm not mentioning the model I bought as it's no longer make, but the manufacturer is Delsey. All the videos I'm getting via search see to be sponsored by luggage stores or manufacturers, but this one is similar: ABS+PC vs 100%PC TEST
  8. Since I don't believe there is a set list of checkboxes defining luxury, and most cruise lines generally regarded as "luxury" check different boxes at different times, in my opinion, a "luxury" cruise line makes me feel like a guest, rather than a customer, no matter how valued. It's like when you spend time with a friend; they will provide you with lodging and food, perhaps pick you up at the airport, entertain you, etc., but may or may not cover your each and every expense, but there's never any mistaking that you're a guest in their home. Whereas, you can spend time at a resort where various items are included in the rate, but there's never any mistaking that you are their customer. That is the difference for me. Even though I've paid for a luxury cruise and know it's no more than a business transaction, it never feels like one. Hope this makes sense.
  9. I wear a dive skin, which is a full-body, ankles to wrists to neck suit made out of a light, lycra swimsuit material. Not the "cutest", sexiest, thing out there; it's more "serious" looking, but it's comfortable and prevents a very UNcomfortable burn! It also make donning a wetsuit much easier, if you're in cold water.
  10. Homonym police. Time to watch Schoolhouse Rock again.
  11. pf778c


    Guess you've never gotten the "hairy eyeball"...
  12. Is the SSSS a cruise thing? I got it when flying back to JFK after my cruise to Barbados and I saw at least one other lady from my cruise singled out as well.
  13. Given the choice I would pick a child-free ship each and every time. The ship is my primary destination; the ports are just "gravy". I've encountered enough children on Silversea cruises over the years, ranging from infants and toddlers to university age, and although I have found their behaviour to improve with their age, NONE of them seemed to be terribly thrilled to be there and looked as if they would have appreciated a cruise with more guests closer in age to themselves. Personally, I would rather see NO children on a Silversea cruise; it's really not geared towards families with children. I can, however, understand children of crew members making appearances; I've never really noticed more than a glimpse of them here and there in any case. But I really think multi-generational families would be better served on the bigger ships, such as those on Crystal and Regent, where there is more room to accommodate children's activities without disturbing anyone, and ensuring EVERYONE has an enjoyable cruise. I'm not looking to offend any members here with children or grandchildren, but on the off-chance that this thread comes to Silversea's attention, I'd like to add my two cents and attempt to thwart any attempts at "Royal Caribbean-ing" our cruise experience! I have made Silversea my choice over other cruise lines for a reason. Bechi
  14. And my best wishes and sincere hopes that it will all work out for your fellow passengers on board.
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