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  1. Never experienced This, but did run into Rudi in the Pinnacle one time...... I hope that doesn't happen again.
  2. BB King and Lincoln were too small when we sailed on a ship with them. Add that to the loss of other opportunities for entertainment. What I didn't like was that if we didn't arrive 30 mins early, we could never get seating. That was our first and last cruise on Zuiderdamm and that class ship. Like I have said many times, when the S Class ships are gone, Mrs Banjo and I are gone as well. The good news is we are on Veendam again in about 3 weeks! Woooooo Hooooo
  3. Also Easter Island is what did it for Mrs Banjo and Myself.
  4. The thing I liked best about the Easy Air thing is that you get to see and select your own flights. So many times in the past it was a chore to negotiate with the air department to get good schedules, etc. and the fact that we can actually see money and select the flight schedules that are best for us is an added bonus.
  5. That is the same cruise that Mrs Banjo and I will be on. We were last on Veendam this past May and we had a wonderful cruise from Venice to Rome. The ship is in nice condition and is one of our favorite HAL ships .
  6. I was notified today that Mrs Banjo and I were cleared from the waitlist for the Ft Lauderdale to Aukland segments of the 2021 world cruise. So we will be on board in a veranda suite.. Whoooo Hoooo!
  7. Mrs Banjo and I are wait listed for the Lima to Auckland segment as well. Our cruise consultant, (whooooo, sounds so impressive), told us that the waitlist should clear early next week. She said they are holding cabins back to balance world cruise pax vs segment pax. Don’t know how true that is, but that’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.
  8. Mrs Banjo and I are also looking to book the Ft Lauderdale to Auckland segment and as of right now the website still shows all categories available. Will be calling our SilverSea Personal Cruise Consultant, ( whoooah), on Monday to try and book this. I’ll report back
  9. Don’t be nervous, Veedam is one of our favorite HAL ships. Mrs Banjo and I sailed on her in May in the Adriatic and are booked to be on her again in October. The ship is not brand new, but still in nice condition and is very comfortable.
  10. We did pay an up charge, but it was still far better pricing than I could book on my own. Having said that, sometimes you just have to tell them no thanks and book your own flights. We have done that many times as well.
  11. Mrs Banjo and I love the Wind as well. Last January was our first SS cruise that was not on the Cloud or the wind, (and we have traveled on SS since almost day one). This past time we were on the Whisper and we were very pleased and will be back on her in January. I would not hesitate on any of the SS ships
  12. I usually know what flights are best before I talk to SS. Then sometimes you need to insist or they will just give you what they have. Last year on a cruise in SE Asia, SS offered us flights through Dubai, but nonstops were available to and from using a different carrier. I insisted on the direct flights and after some back & forth, I got what I wanted. In this case a little knowledge and persistence paid off
  13. Thanks for all the replies and advice. Mrs Banjo and I are booking a later flight that goes to Boston, instead of Providence, still a direct flight, (the non direct flights are hours longer in airports), just need to change the car service to pick us up at a different location. As as I am writing this I can’t help feeling how fortunate we are to have 2 good airports near us! Thanks again
  14. I don’t disagree with that and have thought about it that way as well. We have sailed on the smaller lux lines and like them, but they are very pricey. When we sail on HAL we buy a Neptune Suite, when we sail on Seabourn or other lux lines we buy the less expensive veranda cabin. I think there is a market for a HAL small ship and Carnival is missing the boat !
  15. Funny, Mrs Banjo and I were just talking about that today. We are 4 star cruisers on HAL. We cruised on Prinsendam a number of times and loved her. We also have enjoyed the Veendam, and other ships in her class. Our one experience on Zuiderdam, was the one we disliked and won’t book the bigger ships again. The fact that HAL is only building bigger means, for us, when the small boats are gone, Mr & Mrs Banjo will be gone as well. There are plenty of other options
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