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  1. I am reminded of a fancy restaurant that my brothers wife insisted we go to with them. After dinner, on the way home, we stopped for a burger!
  2. Hoping that is the case as well. Mrs Banjo and I would like to visit friends Down Under, before they are much older. Currently, they are in lockdown again over the Delta mutation, vaccine rollout has been really slow there, so…….. who knows!
  3. Mrs Banjo and I rarely bought trip insurance, but for the future bookings we have, I am buying, but not from the cruise line. We will be buying from private sources that are widely available.
  4. I don’t know the numbers, but from what I have read, the Sinovac and Sinopharm are not very good at preventing cv-19 infections. The China vaccines, (I believe), were widely used in Brazil, in India, and other places where infection are still not under control.
  5. Thank you Terry, you always have the best info and have kept up with this since the beginning.
  6. Ha, or at least getting ready to start cruising again! Mrs Banjo and I booked two cruises on Viking for march and May of 2022 and with all the crap seeming to continue, we are already getting nervous that these might face cancelations........ or worse...... they could end up as bubble cruises.
  7. Thank you, we are excited to cruise on Viking. We have cruised on Silver Sea, Regent, Seabourn and we always loved the ship size and IT’s. Additionally, we were frequent cruisers with Holland America, but with all the S class ships now gone, we are moving on from HAL and Viking seems like the best match. Never liked the BIG BOATS.
  8. Mrs Banjo and I booked our first ever Viking cruises. The first being the Norther Lights cruise in March. This is a bucket list cruise for Mrs Banjo, so I hope we get great views of the "Lights". The second is a wester Med cruise in May that will attach nicely to a small group land tour of Tuscany. I want to thank all the Viking Board contributors for the excellent postings. These were a big help for us in evaluating the cruise line. Although not Technically our FIRST cruise on a Viking ship.........(see photo below).... We are looking forward to joining the fleet and a return
  9. Wishing you all a great cruise. I’m so jealous..... haha
  10. The Wind was our first SS cruise as well, back I think in 1996? She was brand new at the time and the Cloud was the only other SS Ship. I remember when they announced the first of the new builds and the reaction of the Pax when they said the new ships would carry 500+ pax...... everyone groaned. Mrs Banjo and I have been in love with the Wind and the Cloud ever since and all but one of our SS cruises have been on one or the other.!
  11. Mrs Banjo and I always check with the airlines for schedules and pricing, (particularly for Biz Class), then compare to what SS is offering us. The last time, they were able to books the flights I requested, after a few discussions, and it worked out great. I wanted to fly direct from Boston to Hong Kong then from Singapore to Tokyo then direct to Boston. SS wanted us to fly via Dubai which would have added 15 hours to our travel time. If they had not been able to do this for us, I would have booked it myself. So it always pays to be informed about what is available and the deviation fee
  12. Yep, Mrs Banjo and I sailed in the Pinnacle Suite on a Baltic cruise. Wish I could afford that experience more often!
  13. I have to agree. Mrs Banjo and I have cruised on Silversea, Regent and in 2019 on Seabourn in the past and will be trying out Oceania in the near future as a replacement for HAL.
  14. Mrs Banjo and I watched “The Love Boat” even before we were married. I think it was her mother’s favorite show. Anyway, because of that show, we booked our first ever cruise on the Island Princess to Alaska in 1990. In 1992, we booked her I sister ship, Pacific Princess, from Tahiti to Hawaii. We were hooked on cruising and on small ships. Sad to see the superstars of true entertainment passing away....... Rest In Peace Captain.
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