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  1. Same here. I don't ever remember ever seeing surveys. WE are also Long term SS cruisers.
  2. With the announcement of a successful vaccine test, 2021 could be a restart year after all. Still much work remains to be sure of safety, then distribution and deployment worldwide to be really effective. Mrs Banjo and I are still in wait and see mode........ but always hopeful
  3. Mrs Banjo and I received the same one today.
  4. Appreciate the stock charts, in a longer term perspective, RCL started 2020 at $135 now $64 per share so it is still down about 53% CCL started at $52, now $15 (down more than 60%) and NCLH started at $60 now at $18 Down 60%. When cruising resumption has a clear path forward, these will pop to the upside. Until then they will bounce Around down here with some volatility.
  5. all good thoughts Terry, always appreciate your posts and incite. Personally I am not a buyer of cruise line stocks right now, I believe them to be too speculative for my tolerance. I do, however, watch them closely, because if they survive to sail again, they could go up, way up, quickly. IMHO, cruising won’t start up seriously until May or June of 2021, maybe even later. Also I saw a YouTube clip of some of the ships at anchor, they are going to need some serious maintenance before they are ready to resume sailing. That is the key, when the lines start to spruce up ships, you will know
  6. Bummer.... but not unexpected.
  7. Many times that is true, but I have managed to fool a number of them when I speak French in a very convincing accent..... then they are not quite sure. Some have even asked.
  8. Really feel for you and your situation, I certainly would not want to be where you have been and I am truly glad you came through ok. You certainly knew something was going on, but the vast majority did not, so I will stand on my comments.
  9. I think in March, most people of the world were still scratching their collective heads and saying "what's going on here"? China was being secretive, Italy was just taking off and politicians, the world over were in denial, even if they were informed. So, it would be pretty difficult, back in March, to have a unified response or even message. I'm not sure how one could hold the cruise lines or airlines or bus companies or taxi drivers or restaurants, or anybody, (short of the Chinese Gov), responsible for any spread of the CV-19. JMHO
  10. We are 4 star Mariners, almost always take a Neptune Suite and would be 5 star on our next cruise. Very disappointing
  11. I have never had that happen, but as a cancer survivor, I did the “On Deck For A Cure” only once and won’t ever do it again because of the way it was run. Long story, but for another thread.
  12. The short answer is that we won’t adapt to HAL’s only bigger ships, we, (at least Mrs Banjo and Myself), will be moving on to other lines. Oceania being one we are eying right now that has ships similar in size to S class and with more interesting IT’s. But, it is not because we want to leave HAL, it is because HAL is abandoning us.
  13. I am keenly aware of that....... and we will adjust where and how we spend our travel budget accordingly
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