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  1. Thanks Terry. Mrs Banjo and I have been through the Panama Canal before, this would be our 4th trip through. We are watching closely the ports on that cruise IT, hoping that they are fully open, or at least projected to be open in January. Of course, Auckland needs to be open as well, or we will be forced to cancel that as well. We don’t want that to happen, but facts on the ground in early September will be the deciding factors.
  2. I agree, Thanks Terry, as always, a great response. For Mrs Banjo and Myself, we have decided to cancel our September cruised travel plans, there are too many unknowns. Now we are looking at out January SS cruise from Ft Lauderdale to Aukland. If the planned cruise ports are not open and these issues are not more settled when final payment is due, we will reluctantly cancel that as well and look to planning something in the Spring of 2021.
  3. Update..... No response to my query email on Friday.
  4. What Lake? Mrs Banjo and I sold our camp on Sebago a couple of years ago. We do miss it, but also it is nicer to be a RENTER, instead of renting our place out.
  5. That is exactly what I am planning to do as well. Mrs Banjo and I had three trips planned this year, looks like all will be canceled so I have the $$ to buy that new luxury pick up.
  6. Thank you! I record them then use them like Karaoke backing tracks to play live and sing. Nothing fancy, just fun songs that the folks can sing along with. I started playing some years ago in a community banjo band, now I'm one of the few players of this style banjo left that is not in a nursing home! (YIKES), so I needed to develop a solo act to carry on my volunteer work to make the old folks happy. So, some old songs, nice harmonies and some corny jokes.... works every time!
  7. Thought a few might like to take a listen to a track I recorded this morning. I know I'll never be a Cruise ship entertainer, but it is still fun and the Seniors in Nursing homes enjoy it. I record all the part separately then put them together. Still needs to be balanced, but it's ok. Happy Trails 52520 - 5:25:20, 11.49 AM.mp3
  8. Mrs Banjo and I are scheduled to cruise in September, but we are planning to cancel that one and then in January. We are cautiously optimistic that the ports and Australia & NZ will be open. If they are still closed we will cancel that cruise as well and wait until thing open up again.
  9. Cruise to nowhere, never for me. I love the ports, if I want to go no where, I’ll Just stay home.
  10. But what if they don’t have Covid, in our area only 8% of those tested for covid, because they have some symptoms, are positive for the virus. They way I understand what is being proposed is that they are only looking for symptoms..... you could be bounced for any number of reasons. I don’t think they have thought this through enough.
  11. That looks fabulous! going to have to try the Kaiserscharrn! Brats and Kraut we do that on the grill as well! Love it!
  12. That's great Terry, I love the wall and the tree line. Mrs Banjo and I have been planting some flowers in the garden. I did some repairs and repainted a statue for the hummingbird garden. Today it's raining, so I'm in my newly remodeled office recording some tracks
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