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  1. Spins sorry you've been feeling so punk but need to let you know how much I've enjoyed your updates. We did the reverse FLL/ Tower Bridge in May and had that late spring hurricane. Quite exciting. I board Whisper when you debark so once again will just miss. Two years ago we were delayed in port at Halifax for 3 nights due to storms, then high tailed it to New York to finish on time. I'm hoping for fair winds and following seas next week. Dusa
  2. How well I remember.....and I do recall you were practically alone in the dining room. It was a wild ride -- is this worse? Poor little Lady Wind brought us through.
  3. We were on the crossing from FLL to London late April -- on the Little Lady Wind. Trying to outrun that current hurricane -- we spent 2+ days in our suite, one day with all meals delivered by staff. That final awful night I was mentally deciding what important items to take when we abandoned ship -- Walter said "we won't stand a chance!". Very encouraging. His fantasy was the pounding seas were going to break loose one of our metal panels below the water line. Pretty exciting, but I still say - if you don't experience an incident of some sort -- what's to talk about when you get home? Hang in there sailors --
  4. Me too Erwin but I guess we'll be the sole passengers since no one else has signed up for the Meet & Mingle. Dusababy aka Mary Ann
  5. Thanks for update -- but too bad about the broken pipe. I always think if you don't have an "incident" on the cruise - what is there to talk about when you get home? Hope you have good weather for remaining days - and good luck on Trivia. Dusa
  6. How about an update post on the Shadow Pash ? Dusa
  7. Thanks !! Not that it matters, but always nice to know....😉
  8. HEY !! Anybody out there? Surely someone knows who's on first !!
  9. Thank you~ Have you signed up for the Meet & Mingle? Please do ...... and will look for you.
  10. Anyone know who the Captain will be on this voyage? Also CD and HD would be nice to know.....:-) Thanks in advance Dusababy
  11. I know of no other way of letting you know that we've lost one of the last of the Greatest Generation -- my hero and fabulous companion - Lt. Col. Walter Jorgensen USMC retired. Many of you met him on one of our wonderful cruises these last five years. One of a kind - just like so many friends we enjoyed meeting aboard Silversea. Walter was a lifelong sailor - owned "boats" all his life and sailed all over the world. He thoroughly enjoyed Silversea and last on his bucket list was to sail around the horn - which we'd hoped to do next year. He is sorely missed. Dusababy aka Mary Ann
  12. THANK YOU WES !! That will work.....:-)
  13. Thanks everyone! Will look forward to new pics and hopefully new walk in showers fleet wide !
  14. Recently returned from 16 days on the lovely Lady Wind - my introduction many years ago to the beauty of sailing with Silversea. At that time we were both younger -- we've both aged well -- but let's face it -- we're not as nimble as we once were, at least I'm not. It became obvious I can't sail on this beautiful ship again until the bath tubs are replaced. It was risking life and limb, especially in the rough North Atlantic, climbing into that narrow tub/shower. I haven't been on the Cloud in awhile. Have tubs been replaced there? And does anyone have a photo to share? Dusababy aka Mary Ann
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