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  1. Fletcher beg to differ. IMO medals are "not pretentious". They were awarded for great bravery and/or sacrifice and should be respected. My "gentleman" had to be persuaded to wear his - but he was often thanked for his service and questioned about the circumstances of the award. In his case, Marine officer at Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan and Okinawa, where he was wounded. He lived to wear them - and proudly. Dusababy aka Mary Ann
  2. Oops! sp here -- didn't mean I would kill you, I meant to type "would IT kill you".....
  3. I've always thought Silversea has it just right, as Stumblefoot so aptly described. For myself, these days I hardly have an opportunity to really get "dressed up", which I thoroughly enjoy, and gentlemen -- would I kill you to put on a tux or suit a couple of times during a classy cruise? 🙂
  4. THANK YOU for the review. Eucalyptus came to mind for me also. And now I shall try your recipe.
  5. OMG I had forgotten about the cigarettes ! ☺️ Those were the days, weren't they?
  6. I'll be so anxious to hear your opinion of Four Pillars. I have the bottle in the freezer and plan to open at 5:30 PM tomorrow and share with a gin-loving guest. Will let you know how it goes down.🤞
  7. I received 2nd Pfizer last Thursday. The only effect was slightly sore arm for 24 hours and a dull headache for most of the day. Took a Tylenol and another and since then -- nada! I'm wondering if it was a defective batch (kidding). I consider myself very lucky and extremely grateful to have this behind me.
  8. Sorry my post veered off the rails politically in supporting mysty's hopes. Unintentional. 🥵
  9. I knew I could get professional advice here. Will look for Mediterranean tonic - on my way to Trader Joe's and they always have unusual stuff.
  10. Never heard of them but WOW !!
  11. I have just received a belated Christmas gift from an Australian friend -- a bottle of FOUR PILLARS gin. I know there has been lots of discussion about the varieties of premium gins on this site, but I haven't been able to retrieve. Please help! Should I keep this in the frig? My preference is on the rocks but can sip w/o rocks if warranted. Experienced sippers please come forward. Dusababy aka Mary Ann
  12. Agree with Spins -- so very well said from the heart !
  13. Got the second shot this morning and so far so good. Took 650 mg Tylenol just as a precaution -- may take another later if needed. Plan, for medicinal purposes only, to augment with a nice Dewars on the rocks later today. According to Dr. Fauchi, I should be 95% protected in about two weeks. Grateful !!!!
  14. I get my second Pfizer tomorrow. Hope it's not a doozy 🙂 Those who got the 2nd Moderna last week said no reaction at all. Perhaps it's all personal. Hope so because I've decided not to flinch:-)
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