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  1. Why is it so hard to question and comply with a long established, reasonable dress code that elevates ladies and gentlemen for an evening or two of an adult dining experience ??
  2. I very much like the report about these small details and annoyances -- which, if not corrected, may become a PIA - totally unacceptable on SS. Keep the faith !
  3. We did that on the Muse - got caught in a terrible hurricane in the N. Atlantic -- I was musing (pun intended) about what to take when we abandoned ship and was told "we wouldn't stand a chance." Not to alarm anyone but......it was part of the book of memories....🥰
  4. And with my Walter, whose motto was "If not now - when?"
  5. Glad kitty is making it. Vet Techs are angels in disguise. One saved my elderly kitty when I couldn't - she took him home with her and within days he was good as new. So much for my best nursing skills.
  6. I just heard from her daughter who said her house is uninhabitable and she is staying with a friend but she's OK. I've tried to contact her directly but of course no luck. Will keep you informed Victoria if I hear more.
  7. Gee - wish I could afford a box of chocolates in California. See's -- favorite -- has priced itself out of my budget. Aldi carries some fabulous German chocolates -- at ridiculously low prices. (Saving money for cruising....)
  8. Years and years ago-- early 70s - DH and I were in Scotland near the railroad station. We saw a beautiful black train on the tracks -- THE ROYAL TRAIN. We asked the guard what gives? About that time a Bentley drove up right past us, could have reached out to touch her. She was with a lady in waiting on the other side. I do remember her complexion was radiant. My DH said "She looks just like the stamps."
  9. I LOVE CROSSINGS. After a very few days, enter into another world. No pressure -- do or don't participate in many and varied opportunities for entertainment - or not. Nothing like having a lazy, wonderful lunch and then retiring for a little nap before getting dressed for cocktails and dinner. Life at its best !!
  10. I am so effing tired of men (little boys) rebelling against the "rules" just because they can ! They are destroying a big part of what makes Silversea special, and are doing a great deal to reduce it to just another mass market mosh. Please please grow up. Respect rules. Management - please please ENFORCE the codes, Guests - protest nicely when violations occur. Everyone - let's act like ladies and gentlemen and we'll all enjoy it more.
  11. Love to quote Judie's famous line: "I'm so glad I saw the world before we ruined it." RIP Judie -- sorely missed in this crazy world.😞
  12. Is it too much to ask that a "gentleman" wear a jacket to dinner? We've had enough relaxation of social standards and common courtesy and decency -- please let's just hang on to what little semblance of adult respect for others we can muster. Would you rather have dinner with a full dining room on Silversea or Carnival?
  13. Back in the day on Silversea, I shopped from St. Petersburg all across the Baltic searching for a fine necklace of amber. Found the perfect one I was looking for in a jewelry shop in Gdansk.
  14. Me too. Ask for some cevapcici -- the national Croatian sausage that is prevalent all over the area. Chris should put together a menu for you......
  15. Me too Stumble.....last voyage was 2019 .....could be the last. So sad.
  16. Agree -- I'm planning on top of oven baked salmon steak. Too much ??? Dip for artichokes? And of course chicken. Multitude of opportunities......
  17. Off topic here but Chris, you did not comment about the new Trader Joe product shown on post #13558 in the Water Cooler......
  18. JP you need Trader Joe's latest delicacy.
  19. I have just discovered all the positives at Aldi -- the German chocolate ! the thin sliced seed bread - so fortunate I have both sources within one mile of each other.
  20. jp --You mention "everything but the bagel" indicating perhaps a Trader Joe's? Was in there yesterday and they have a new product jar -- garlic aioli. Looks great-- I'll get some and report.
  21. As an adult foodie- Mayo. I was probably Miracle as a kid. But tennies - always.
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