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  1. I do not know anyone that died. I don’t know anyone that knows anyone that died. I don’t know anyone hospitalized. I know 7 people that had it. One was 29 the other 6 ages 62-91. All recovered within a week to 10 days. I also know that one hospital, where a friend’s DH is a MD, who had an admission in the ER who had been in a massive motorcycle accident and died in the ER. He was hit by a car. He had covid in his body but died of massive trauma due to a motorcycle accident. His death was listed as CV. Again, I am not denying it exists I just don’t believe anything the “experts” or t
  2. Getting together with people who have had two negative tests and have isolated for two weeks after the second negative and travel in a car without stopping to visit people who followed the same procedures is possible.
  3. BTW, I have one relative and two close friends who are MDs. All 3 said that they do not see themselves going on any cruise until 2022. All three said too many people are seeing the vaccine as something that will get them back to cruising in the next 3-4 months. That is not the case and all three said they want to see more testing done before FDA approval. if i get on a ship in 2022 I will feel lucky
  4. And when you see people like Gov. Newsome of CA totally flaunting every single rule he wants to impose on Californians, but not on himself or his cronies, that falls into the same category as “protests” being acceptable. No neither are and just shows the hypocrisy that makes people not believe anything they are told.
  5. Cancel ASAP. If you visit the Crystal board in the Ocean Cruises section you will see that some people have been waiting over 200 days for a refund. You are well within the zero cancellation fee but you will have an administrative fee. If you wait until Crystal cancels you can have a choice of a full refund (though who knows when you will get it) or a FCC with perhaps an extra 10-15% bonus thrown in.
  6. I think that in light of Sea Dream 1 (last I heard 7 cases) the CDC will reinstate their no sail order. If, and its a big if, everything goes right, including vaccines and their effectiveness, I don’t see cruising returning until 3rd quarter 2021.
  7. It is a great itinerary and I loved all those ports and I don’t think it will go.
  8. I have also been dining out since June and while most has been outdoors I have dined indoors about 7 times. I have spent 25 nights in hotels. I am very impressed with the steps taken to insure a clean and safe experience. IATA (International Air Transport Association) commissioned a recent study (looking back at the people who have flown since masks became mandatory) and the risk of getting covid on a plane is 1 in 27 million. Even if it were 1 in 2.7 million I think its fine to fly. I have three relatives who work for legacy carriers in the US. They fly weekly and are cumula
  9. Just recd a press release that Seabourn is following the path of Princess and is placing a hold on selling 8+ day cruises which touch a US port. Hold is for cruises until 11/01/21. Of course, it could be lifted in the future. Time will tell.
  10. Well, covid reared its ugly head on this Weeks Sea Dream cruise in the Caribbean and Princess has put a stop on selling 8+ day cruises that touch a US port until 11/1/2021 so I think we have a long way to go.
  11. Just received an email on this. Sale of cruises 8 days and longer put on hold Hi everyone, As travel restrictions continue to evolve, we are doing our best to communicate the latest changes to our valued travel advisor community – that’s you! Below, you will find an importan
  12. Been to Bratislava twice, Vienna 6 times. Don’t waste losing out a day in Vienna to go to Bratislava. You can do Bratislava in 3 hours, Vienna, I can spend weeks there.
  13. My TA had a group on the Summit from San Juan to Bayonne in May and now its not on the schedule and she was told that its probably not going but she has not received an official notice.
  14. I really doubt your cruise will happen.
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