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  1. I thought the decor on uniworld would be too much , but I sure was wrong. We were on the Antoinette in September and I loved everything from food, decor and the best service.
  2. So exciting to hearWe board march 16th.
  3. Thanks for posing. We are sailing on her next month. 🚢
  4. So you just send them an email with your questions?
  5. Can someone please explain tell us ? Thanks.
  6. Thank you so much for your fantastic “ live” review. I have read all your reviews starting with the HAL world cruise. Amazing pictures.
  7. In Amsterdam this past September we stayed at the Banks Mansion. Loved the hotel and their great cooked to order breakfast. They also have an open bar as in free ! Happy hour appetizers and drink specials. Great staff and our room overlooked a canal. Great memories.
  8. Speed. Cameras in France........Oh I have a story too. Arrived home from a spectacular vacation to France and then a river cruise , opened the mail and we had 3 tickets from France. Had no idea we were speeding or violating any law. All the info was in French. went on line to pay the fines so someday we could return worry free !!!
  9. Yes, we were able to sail the entire route. The swimming pool was emptied one day to make the ship lighter , but refilled the next day. I think our hotel manager was a gentleman. Can’t remember his name , but I enjoyed him as well as Ingrid the excursion manager.
  10. Just one more validation on the excursion question. I was on the Antoinette Sept. 9th and we signed up for the excursions as soon as the CD described them. I think everyone was able to take their desired excursion. I have done many ocean cruises ,but this was my first river cruise. I absolutely loved the whole experience. Was surprised how much I enjoyed my cabin as I thought the decor would be over the top. Boy was I wrong...... so cozy and different enough from my home to make it a true holiday experience. The food was good and all the excursions top notch. Enjoy your cruise .
  11. I am on the uniworld Antoinette. We sailed through the romantic river gorge this morning with no problem. Absolutely stunning. The Viking tarif was docked next to us , but has now left.
  12. I boarded the uniworld Antoinette today and there has been no mention of alternative plans. This is a beautiful ship and so far we are having a marvelous time.
  13. Thanks for that wonderful update. Enjoy those castles.
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