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  1. Well today is my lucky day. I finally have all my $ returned. It only took princess 164 days since my canceled cruise. If anyone is still waiting, there will be $ aT the end of the long wait.
  2. Well I’ve given up. About 155 days since March 15 th canceled cruise. Princess won’t talk to me and my TA is useless. Tomorrow I’m calling my Cc company and getting the rest of my money reimbursed. I think I’ve been more than patient. I think I might have waited longer than anyone else. Lol
  3. OMG...... 148 days and I finally have part of my cruise money back. Still missing around $3000., but hopefully soon.
  4. I’m with you, happy for them, but at 142 days I’m sad for me. one more week of giving Princess a chance and them I’ll put in a claim to my credit card. 😡
  5. I feel your pain, I’m at 135 days since canceling. I have contacted princess, but they were supposed to call me back! Still waiting for that call. Of course I’m not surprised.
  6. maybe there is hope for me .....133 days and waiting. Congratulations for you.
  7. my ta is working on getting my cabin back, not holding my breath. I feel bad for ta’s with so much change.
  8. I’m very disappointed with my cabin assignment. I chose d726, an aft suite( my favorite) over 6 months ago. I am now on the riviera deck across from the concierge lounge . With the Regal having very few outside viewing areas , I chose an aft. My TA will try to get me back to D726. This is a deal breaker for me.
  9. this is my thought as well. I’m not interested in cruising with a mask on or staying 6 feet from other cruisers. I have an August 2021 Norway cruised book so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a vaccine.
  10. im glad you got refunded for your March cruise. It gives me hope since I’m still waiting for my March cruise refund. 🙀
  11. I was getting a full refund plus insurance. They also gave future cruise credits equal to one half of what we payed for the cruise.
  12. my cruise was on March 29 th, but was cancelled on the 15th. I’ve been told that my refund is on its way. Lol
  13. we must of been booked on the same cruise. I’m still waiting too. my future cruise credits are showing, but no cash. Ridiculous.
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