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  1. Thank you for reminding us how blessed we are.
  2. We did the embera excursion and did not need a yellow fever vaccine.
  3. vino100

    AMA Africa

    Thanks. I guess I need to go shopping. 😁
  4. vino100

    AMA Africa

    What are safari colors ?
  5. The bikes were available at all ports , not sure if every port had organized excursions. We cruise in September , so not sure about October.
  6. Bikes were available on uniworld. There were also group bike excursions.
  7. We loved our Uniworld cruise last year. It was our first river cruise, but have sailed many ocean cruises. The food was very good, and the service excellent .
  8. vino100

    AMA Africa

    The website is fabulous. I just ordered the book host Jazzbeau recommended. I love planning trips, but with so many choices this isn't easy, but oh so fun.
  9. vino100

    AMA Africa

    Oh my goodness !! Spectacular pictures. Thanks for sharing your insights on your trip. I can hardly wait.
  10. vino100

    AMA Africa

    This is the exact trip we are looking at. Can hardly wait for your review. Enjoy all those wonderful animals and African experience.
  11. vino100

    AMA Africa

    We do want to do a land safari too. I just love the idea of floating down a river and seeing all the animals.
  12. vino100

    AMA Africa

    No I'm not set on AMA. This trip will be for next year and I'm just getting started researching. I'm open for all suggestions.
  13. vino100

    AMA Africa

    Thank you so much for the info. Loved their blog. Not sure about the cockroaches. It sure sounded like a great trip.
  14. Looking at an African safari with a 4 night river cruise with AMA. Hoping someone has info.
  15. My husband is an avid fly Fisher. Any recommendations for a guide ?
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