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  1. A travesty. i started it and after a ton of time shut it down. stupid me, fooled by a marketing person. arghhhhh
  2. Just hope no one discovers what you are exploring...
  3. JP Shhhhhhh don't tell anyone the name of the vessel. If you even mention it in a whisper you could be in deep trouble.
  4. Lois, Have a great time. We Floridians are most fortunate to have escaped Dorian. I am counting my blessings. In 18 days we are off to sea also on a vessel we cannot name here. Do we take down our hurricane shutters before we leave or just let them remain in place until our return? Enjoy the weekend all!
  5. Mysty How's the sorting and pitching going? Hope all continue to stay safe. There are lots of ways to contribute to those in the Bahamas who need so much after Dorian created hell on earth. The photos of the destruction are horrific.
  6. Hope all in the storms path and periphery stay safe. We have survived this but our hearts and minds are with those in the Bahamas. A wiggle in one direction and it could have been us.
  7. Thanks Lois. We are buttoning up. This am the weather channel put the eye squarely in our neighborhood. This will likely change but no matter we are in the cone. The only thing we can do is over prepare. Hope all will be safe.
  8. On the Easter cruise on the Spirit this past year there were lots of kids. It was a short cruise and port intensive, and the kids kept to themselves for the most part. They did monopolize the ping pong table, to some pax consternation. At dinner in laT one night there was a young man and his family playing a board game which involved shaking dice in a cup before each person took a turn. Our table was adjacent to theirs, and adjacent to many others in LaT. It was jarring and we had to try and talk over the game! While we didn't mention it to the maitre d, someone must have, because the family were eventually moved to another table which was in a corner. Now just a thought and a thorny question, would adults ever play such a game during the dinner hour? I hope that I am not presented with such a scenario. I do note that one of our upcoming cruises has the "children offer". I wait to see what will transpire.
  9. Mysty Exciting news. Let the move begin! And now for the serious weeding issue. What to keep.... And what not to keep. 🙂
  10. And I know when to stop when a head. Seriously do hope all coolers have a good week and recover from the attacks and invasions of the prior week. No one should have their space violated by others.
  11. So no references to the poopdeck. Too cruise related I think.
  12. Hmmm, after the comments I am rethinking our Cloud expedition. Thanks all for the reviews and photographs. I did follow along and enjoy the postings.
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