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  1. Hi Terry. enjoy all of it. photos are lovely but a weird shade of blue! Maybe my computer?
  2. Ooooo Love that la terrazza looks elegant with drapes, napery and carpet! So miss that on the Muse and Spirit. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. spinnaker2

    Live...Whisper Civitavecchia to Ft. Lauderdale

    Have a wonderful time Embsam! I know you will. How was the hiking? If you know Sandy, he was aboard our crossing in the North Atlantic and will be aboard with you. I think Herman might be aboard as well! I will look forward to your posts. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  4. spinnaker2

    Silversea lack of menu changes

    The dinner menu in La T changed only very slightly ( DH recalls they removed the Osso bucco) on the crossing. The Grill had the same menu at lunch with a different fish and rotisserie offering. Of course La T had the usual lunch buffet with hot and cold offerings which varied. I much preferred the atmosphere in Atlantide for breakfast and lunch. We ate dinner in Atlantide a single time. We dined in the Grill at night or La T, or Spaccanapoli and just once in Indochine. There was never an opportunity for lunch al fresco in La T, just way too cold and windy at the stern. We did brave the elements at the Grill even in the cold and inclement weather because they have heaters and have partially enclosed the side areas with glass and Roll up clear plastic shades ( and I had a parka!). While we were aboard we watched the engineers measure for and install additional glass windows to stop more draft. A special lunch request was made by DH and honored by Silversea at every lunch thereafter.
  5. spinnaker2

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    back on land but still experiencing mal de terre. looking forward to greece in 26 days.
  6. cat lover. i am blocked cant even see photos. we just docked in nyc. as we sailed past lady liberty, frank was singing new york, new york. inspiring even before 6 am and in the pouring rain. we will vacate our suite shortly and begin the decompression process ;-)
  7. and this morning after the beautiful sunrise a giant blue whale of a ship went by. soon we will be off to a morning market visit with chef david. then i may begin packing. the last trivia game is today. tonight is another formal night (the 3rd) and a pool deck party with the death by chocolate theme. tomorrow is newport! lots to look forward to in the remaining hours abard.
  8. spinnaker2

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    yikes mysty. hope all well!
  9. pizza last night in spaccanopoli. yummy. as far as special orders, they must be requested 24 hours in advance and then they are served in Atlantide. the rules are changing now, best to confer with your butler once aboard. its actually sunny today, but cold. many pax are heading off, but this is quite a brief stop. this afternoon we have an appetizer workshop with chef david. all good!
  10. spinnaker2

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    food intensive activities for a festive day! much happiness!
  11. stumble, this is damp cold, and not colorado cold. bone chilling damp cold that permeates a person. i dont have my hot chillys
  12. spinnaker2

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    mysty, doubtful, but one may hope. I looked out our sliding glass door to the verandah and watched the light posts swaying in the wind and rain moving sideways.
  13. spinnaker2

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    enjoy birthdays and travel all. its sooooo coldddd here in st johns.
  14. Yes weather is dreadfully dreary. I do have my ski parka, and if we decide to venture out I will be wearing it. The Cloud is docked where we were docked last April on the Muse TA, and its a bit of a trek. DH enjoyed lobster last night, specially prepared for him. He was happy!
  15. We are in total agreement with Jolly regarding Chef David. He does add much to the crossing! We have participated in several of the market visits with him on past cruises and every one of them was such fun. Tonight is the Venetian Society party and then dinner in La Terrazza. We will learn how many pax have a gazillion days. It is a formal night, the second of three. The weather is a little grim, but many pax are attired as if we are in Hawaii. BRRRRRR. It does seem a bit warmer than yesterday, when the high was 51 F. Towel report for those who requested same, quite soft and fluffy, not exfoliatingly scratchy. I was able to stream the Miami Hurricane football game yesterday by purchasing the high speed day pass. The reception was still iffy, but we were in the middle of the North Atlantic. Happy Sunday all.