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  1. Taking flight Not sure about formal nights on these cruises. But you do have dining options as Stumble says.
  2. The photos are from October of 2017 crossing the equator ceremony. Lots of fun kissing the fish...
  3. A view from the island of Samos, where my grandmother came from at the age of 14.
  4. Lois yes i am considering a booking. if the price isn’t too outrageous. I have been to many ports in Greece, but would love to go back. My grandmother came from Samos to the USA when she was about 14. I visited there a few years ago to meet my cousins.
  5. I see that Silversea will start on June 18 on Moon in Greece!
  6. Wes, et al, Hope something is in the works. Looked at a number of cruises but they all are from ports that aren’t receptive to US citizens, or they go to ports which aren’t open to US citizens.
  7. Sadly we couldn't make air work for the july cruise. Some conditions placed that we could not abide. Jolly I hope we can cruise soon!
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