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  1. AND HAPPY TUESDAY FROM SQUISHY FLORIDA We are saturated with rain And more on the way.
  2. Loved it Mr banjo. Can see Dale and Roy singing it!!
  3. Lois hang tight it's moving up the peninsula.
  4. Worked my culinary skills to the max yesterday preparing as we were going to have a big social distancing driveway party for son. Well it's pouring rain. Hot and humid and sticky because it is the tropics. No big soiree. Just cake by the pool and under the loggia where we can distance but still fete the guy.
  5. Yep Terry true. But a good judge also went to law school and heard the same thing. So they will stop you pretty fast and also lose all respect for you. Never lie to the judge or try and bamboozle them if you want to earn their respect. Once it's gone you can't get it back. Same thing with a leader.
  6. Terry That WC fields quip was oft quoted in law school. A few words changed...but the gist the same.
  7. Wow that itinerary is fantastic. I guess I must give the details of my bank account to the publishers clearing house representative who keeps robotically and persistently calling me several times a day to inform me of my huge winnings. I haven't had the incentive to return their calls before seeing this amazing cruise. Ok would that it were true. No balloons at my door but I can wish can't I?
  8. Wish I had some late harvest gewurtz right now.
  9. We did get the refund. Keep the faith.
  10. The Origin looks quite beautiful in her sea trials
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