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  1. OMG Mr Silver! I had heard Paolo was aboard trying to sort things out for the Spirit. She was the first vessel we sailed on, many years ago and prestretch. We have a place in our hearts for her. I am sorry to learn of the issues you are experiencing. Is Paolo aboard? IMO he’s probably one of the few who can work miracles, all other things being equal. After our last Cloud voyage we thought we would not cruise Silversea again. Now we have signed up for the Dawn crossing. Fingers and toes crossed.
  2. I never saw any to borrow. I was on the Cloud in late September 2023. We brought our own.
  3. An awful set of flights. Silversea also did the same for our cruise in September. Miami to Seattle to Iceland. or Miami to Germany to Iceland, we are still waiting for another alternative!
  4. I think that “banana” looking thing is a crescent moon shape of polenta.
  5. Glad you are aboard Terry. Enjoy every minute. Nice to see the crew!
  6. NOPE. Thee is no way to compare MSC with Silversea. Even in the MSC Yacht Club, unless you never leave the Yacht Club. Only been on Celebrity once for a brief cruise. The crowds, yikes! You only live once, make it the best it can be. As we all have experienced in the past several years, unexpected stuff happens and life gets put on hold. Enjoy yours. Silversea will help!
  7. I haven’t read the reviews section. Now i will try. I also didn’t realize there is a live reports section for many cruises. YIKES!
  8. IMO deck 5 midship is a lovely location. Close to the water and stable with great view. The higher and more forward you go, the more you will feel the movement.
  9. I just bring my own sweetener (Equal) no matter what. It doesn’t take up much room in the suitcase! Silversea used to have many more choices of sweeteners, but no more.
  10. Thanks turtle. I will keep trying to get a more reasonable itinerary. If not, we will cancel the cruise or we will try and get flights on our own.
  11. No clue but it's still not acceptable when one can fly to JFK and then on to Iceland.
  12. Just checked my Silversea and the newest reservations have us flying from MIA to Germany and then to Iceland. Why???
  13. No word as of yet. This will be a deal breaker for us.
  14. Just to clarify, we have had Silversky or whatever their moniker is at the moment, book flights for us that were fine. The most recent two cruises have been more of a challenge apparently and they weren’t able to offer us air reservations. Not the case for this cruise, but then look what they booked for us. Maybe it’s just time to avoid them altogether!
  15. I am waiting to hear if Silversea will do anything about this partial circumnavigation by air. I hope they don't try to charge us a deviation fee!!! Because these flight arrangements are the most deviated or “deviant” by far.
  16. I feel terribly taken advantage of by this air booking for which we upgraded by a lot.
  17. ACE system, bulltwistle. Just got my flights for a cruise from Iceland to Lisbon. Silversea has us flying from Miami to Seattle, a four hour layover and then Seattle to Iceland. How can this be an ACE? ABSURD
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