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  1. Wonder if that's the same Damien who left Silversea. Tall guy who looked a little like Mr Clean.
  2. Fomo is a tough motivator! Now you can relax Jilly!
  3. A few photos that I didn't get time to post. Here are some of the pax who went on the backstage tour auditioning for the Voices.
  4. Lois Great to hear you are enjoying your cruise. Mysty Lovely to know you made the right decision and even more so that you are discovering your surroundings! What a terrific life adventure. We are still recovering from our cruise induced colds. Exhausting work to fight off the immune invaders. Definitely put a huge damper on our time aboard.
  5. Yes before we booked the suite we did the research on cruise critic. There were mixed reviews. I choose to go with the no noise report. In retrospect I made a bad choice. And there are and were mixed reports. Perhaps it depends on who is across the hall or next door or working out above or where you are going. We did a crossing and because of our experience with the noise I would not book it again. Whatever you decide I hope you have a wonderful cruise. The crew are amazing. The ship is terrific. Enjoy it all.
  6. Yes I think 804. Port side. The work out area above. And if you want a nap in the day you will hear it. The CD closed it during evening hours but before he did pax were using it at night. I loved the enormous verandah. The proximity to the pool deck!! But the trade off was the amount of noise from above, next door and across the way. Keep in mind it also can have a fair amount of movement as it's far forward and higher up.
  7. Noise from the weights dropping on floor directly from above. We could also hear our neighbors talking from next door and coughing across the way.
  8. Have stayed in medallion on deck 8. Very noisy. 741 great suite, unless you can't live without verandah.
  9. I didn't sign it. We just arrived in ft Lauderdale on way home. Rainy. Hope the weather improves quickly.
  10. Soon we will be off the vessel. Good voyage to all who come aboard. Safe travels to all on their way home or to other destinations.
  11. Safe travels. Enjoy your time aboard. You made a good choice!
  12. Lois wishing you well. I am still fighting my cold and it seems many pax are also sneezing, coughing and SICK. I am fastidious about handwashing but airborne is a tough one to combat short of a mask.
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