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  1. Ohh i love the mushy peas!!! Pub lunch is fun!
  2. As my DH says, he thought getting older would take longer.
  3. Decisions, decisions, which one do we choose for a Sunday afternoon? Ain’t life Grand? But methinks we are not in Idaho…
  4. Good luck with boarding! Happy day 1 of the cruise!
  5. l Too frozen for me to correct not to no. Or maybe it was not to knot. Oh well. Can't turn down the music...
  6. Agree on the store in Dutch Harbor! Fellow pax found a giant jar of huge olives for his martini's that pleased him greatly. He loved that souvenir. I have been in the Bering sea when it was like a lake, just a few ripples. Even the Captain said he had never experienced it like that. You just never know. Its just amazing how the dress code continues to cause so much controversy and spirited discussion.
  7. I miss my Ellie girl so much. This made me cry.
  8. Because some people wonder about the fat bear contest, an issue of burgeoning import, I post herewith the photo of today' s winner.
  9. Lois, I copied it from another, actually my Greek cousin, who did not write it either. So long answer to your question is of course. On another note, what kind of hoops must you jump thru to travel to Lisbon and surrounding countries?
  10. AHHHHHHHHHH Jeff i so miss you and your food philosophy…
  11. Happy Fat Bear Week. You can watch the bears on live cam as well, and find out more at the explore.org site
  12. Not to oversimplify, but did that response meet your expectations? And if not did you take it to a higher power and get your issues addressed to your satisfaction?
  13. EmDee may I ask what happened when you brought your concerns to the HD? You did mention that you had a meeting, and since you have shared your issues, I wondered if there was any resolution that met with your expectations.
  14. Time to dust off, get an oil change and polish up a few vehicles in advance of upcoming holidays.
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