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  1. Having sailed to Antarctic years ago on a converted Swedish icebreaker, I think that is part of the adventure of going. Sailing over was very calm. Coming back was not. Had to switch sides with the wife as she was on the outside edge and kept rolling out of bed. I don’t roll! We don’t get sea sick.
  2. "Heck, it practically paid for itself." ditto! Hey Unie, same here. We're on 1-16-20 with a b2b. Get on the Moon for a good time. We were on the crossing on the W & that was yukkie too ( hurricanes you know!). Supply stops were limited & running low on some things.
  3. As is the case with quite a few of my observations it appears staff is hesitant to correct the situation. Especially the smoking.
  4. so was everything on sale?
  5. Anybody know if the riots in HK have been affecting SS cruises?
  6. unless like us & have a bus/cattle call to the airport to board & wait there for everybody else to get their act together & then wait some more while several inventories are preformed so we have at last let the rush hour traffic catch up to us.
  7. Not the same but the last 3 cruises our key cards had the wrong p/p #s on them. we found this out in Singapore when had trouble getting back on the ship.
  8. Hi Lois, Charles & Elaine here. We'll be there too. Plus the one after. If snow don't interrupt us.
  9. Missed you on the M & M at Tilbury.
  10. YES YES . And always check it out asap.
  11. Agree with jolly. Don’t know if spins has the tissue record or not, my wife had used a ton so far. Something acquired from the last voyage. Naturally being a loving spouse who likes to share, I have been fighting a sore throat & draining sinuses. So we went to town to find a drug store. The French speaking pharmacist didn’t speak hardly any English. I asked if this was okay to take with alcohol. Oui, oui he said. With only French directions enclosed, I decided to have it translated at reception. It was not good news! ‘‘Twas no oui oui! My previous $150. Doc visit was a waste.
  12. Yes, that’s what they left me. It was quite good. Was surprised there was no burgundy (red) on board.
  13. 1 red zin for purchase & pink (white sweet zin) on comp.
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