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  1. Can anyone tell me from their experience if the premium drink package is a complimentary benefit for the Celebrity Suite on the Solstice? Reading all the info, I'm getting confused trying to differentiate the various cabins, on the various ships. This will be our first cruise on Celebrity and just trying to sort everything out in advance. Appreciate any help!
  2. Blacklane always provides recent/new model luxury model sedans, such as Mercedes, BMW or similar There is a 2 hour "grace" period built into your quote for late arrivals you will not be billed if you are late for prearranged arrival time. Staff is extremely professional, always dressed in a suit and will go out of their way to help you:
  3. Dissect it however you wish.....Blacklane offers solid reliable service around the world. I speak from experience. Everyone is entitles to choice whatever service they prefer. Just trying to help the original post options, didn't realize the origin of the business or its dynamic was under scrutiny.
  4. Blacklane is excellent. They are a company with a 5 star rating that services the global community. Just book online and you are all set. Prices are extremely fair for the level of service you receive, especially in NYC. Gratuity is included in the fare.
  5. Please keep an open mind as an individual may not show the physical impairment of a disability such as the effects from a stroke, and appear healthy while actually suffering from cardiovascular damage from a prior heart attack which weakens the body. Other neurological disorders can cause impairments not immediately visible.
  6. Thanks everyone for your responses... Tendering can be problematic. We will be cruising to Alaska, have to check out the ports there. We have a suite, but our children are staying in balcony cabins. Do you know if they would have to wait to get off or possibly they could tag along with us?
  7. Hi Everyone: Just made reservations for our 1st Celebrity cruise, however not new to cruising. My husband and I have always booked our own tours as we prefer the smaller groups and the savings is an added bonus. Can anyone tell me how Celebrity processes people like us? Some cruise lines basically hold you hostage until they get all their tour groups off the ship. Sometimes we have run an hour + late for our tour. Others intermingle us with the ships tour groups. Appreciate any feedback.
  8. Thank you Carol! This is extremely helpful. Appreciate your help. Mary
  9. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply to me! Tunaman2011 you give me hope there will still be a shuttle running for my cruise to Soulac Sur Mer where I can rent a car. Amazing, when I called Oceania, they said no shuttles were running.... I'll call again. Again, many thanks for the help!
  10. Can anyone tell me if Oceania provides a shuttle to the nearest town from here, either le Verdon or Soulac sur Mer? Has anyone done their own tour? I'm trying to getting out of the port to rent a car at one of these local towns to tour around the Medoc area on my own, however it appears this port seems to be locked up with the exception of the ships tours and the walk to town is a bit far and taxis are non existant from my research. Hopefully someone can shed better light on this and guide me better from their experiences. Any advice appreciated.
  11. jimdee3636 is not alone. We have sailed with Oceania 14 cruises in a penthouse or higher and suddenly two years ago we "fell off" their mailing list. My husband and I missed reading the catalogs as it is more relaxing to browse through them together. My TA tried 2-3 times to get us reinstated but no luck, the rep on board the ship tried while we booked another cruise promised to fix the problem, but that didn't work either. I called directly a couple times with my story and still no luck! Finally I made an online request in my cat's name for a catalog as a new customer. Guess what? Catalogs started appearing in the mailbox again! I called customer service and explained my story and told them I was sorry my cat was more important as a future customer than I was as an established one. Finally the catalogs are arriving in my name again. Someone in their Marketing Dept doesn't understand the basics of customer retention.
  12. Thanks for your informative review. My husband and I will be traveling on this cruise in April and are curious if we can bring our own alcohol onboard to consume in our cabin? Did you or do you know of anyone who did that?
  13. Embarked on The Riviera this past January and everyone, even those dropped off by travel companies had to wait in the sun for over 2 hours. It was terribly disorganized and not a reflection on Oceania but on the port. Water was distributed, but be certain to bring/wear sunscreen to be prepared if should this happens again. There were many sunburned cruisers the next day. Despite that blip, Lima and the surrounding area is remarkable and worth the journey. If you have time check out the Nazca lines south of Lima. Enjoy your planning!
  14. We were on the Nautica last month in a penthouse and found the internet very slow at times. I personally feel it's due to the fact the ship is constructed out of steel that interferes with signal. I found if I went to the upper deck the reception was much better.
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