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  1. Thanks folks! Looks like I'm downloading the app
  2. Sounds good..thanks. Just one little question - if I'm accessing the ship's wifi, how does it not use any of the minutes from my wifi package.
  3. In all our cruises, I've never downloaded NCL's onboard app. Can someone tell me if it's worthwhile. What does it do for me?
  4. Have the people on board been told what's going on and where they are going??
  5. So is the ship underway and what is the speed
  6. yes, am going to LAX. I thought a taxi would be easier and quicker than waiting for the Supershuttle to fill up with people who reserved. Why do you not recommend the taxi?
  7. Are there usually lots of taxis at the port when the ships come in or should I pre-book super shuttle? Thanks
  8. We stayed in the Premier Inn in Southampton. it's a typical chain Holiday Inn type but is very clean, has a good breakfast. It's next to a large mall and one block up from the water. Depending on where the ship is docked, it may be within walking distance. Also nice location for walking around Southampton
  9. bjay3


    Like others, have not received a response from Katakolon Express. Has anyone just got off the ship there and found available transportation to Olympia right at the port? Prices?
  10. Yes, thanks for the suggestion. I had already looked at these 2 options but we not looking for any kind of tour. We have been to Athens a few times and only want to get into the city to go to a couple of favourite places on our own. thanks
  11. Have to say first that I wouldn't normally worry about wifi on vacation but family situation will require it on this trip. Has anyone experienced the wifi recently on a Transatlantic? Is it any good going across or is it intermittent? thanks
  12. Has anyone taken the subway into Athens since they introduced the new ticket system. Last time we were there, you could buy a 24 hour ticket for the bus to the subway and then into Athens from the kiosk across the street from the cruise terminal. Is that still possible?
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