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  1. Just back from 4 days on the Dream. There are characters everywhere!! All the time - in the dining rooms, in the Atrium, walking on deck 4, on the island - it was non stop. While you can't stand next to them, plenty of nice photo oportunities all day
  2. I just got back from a fantastic 4 day on the Dream. My cruise was the first to require all passengers get the rapid Covid test (it’s free). So an update on boarding the Dream, and then I’ll pipe down until next year when getting ready for the Wish in September! We arrived at the dock at 11.15, which was our exact port arrival time. Maybe three cars in front of us. Luggage drop off was easy and then paid to get in the garage ($85 for 4 night). Then it slowed down. There was about 20 cars in front of us queuing to get into the parking garage, and we guessed correctly that it was because they were giving the rapid test before you could park. So it took about 15 minutes to get to the testing site. They first give you a vial and a label to fill out to put on the vial (don’t open the vial as it’s full of liquid) Then they direct you to park in a slot and someone comes by and scans your labels and walks you thru the self-test (not so bad actually) and they take the vials to be tested. Then you can find a place to park for the cruise, and wait for the results ether by logging onto the Safe Passage app, or they send you an email. Now the snag is it took and 65 minutes to get the results, and it’s the LONGEST 65 minutes of your life. However once you get the ok, then lock up the car and it’s the normal walk from the parking garage over to the terminal, clear security, check in and then into the very deserted terminal and onto the ship. The four day cruise was just wonderful – crew the best, Beauty and the Beast so good I saw it twice, as we also did with the fireworks. Ship in perfect condition and spotless. There were no crowds for anything due to low capacity. If I had the spare cash I’d take advantage and book a Florida resident cruise in October, but coffers are bare. The cruise is definitely worth the hassle the all the Covid stuff, and no one abused the mask policy that I saw. Enjoy!!!
  3. OK its Monday 6am and we are heading out at 9ish to drive to Port Canaveral to board the Dream. Just completed the Health Questionnaire which came via email. We took a rapid Covid test Saturday at Walgreens just to make sure we were in the clear and test was negative. I'm dreading the test at the port, as its the first time there are going to swab and get results for about 1600 passengers. Its more than likely to be somewhat chaotic, but I will drive there in hope that its not. Knowing my luck DCL will have changed the rules again and want a brain scan and cavity search. Oh well I'm moaning now, but once this whole test thing is over and we are on board, I know all will be well!! Low capacity and two days at Castaway - how can you beat it? I'll write a report when I get back
  4. No charge for the test if you are vaccinated. I'm confused about the PAT change time. My Online checkin PAT is 11:15. I've gotten nothing from DCL saying its changed ( in fact I've gotten nothing telling me about the new vaccine test at the port). Do yopu think my PAT has gone from 11:15 to 9:15?
  5. It rarely occurs! I just wish DCL would settle down and solidify requirements. Now, even if vaccinated, we have to do a rapid test at the terminal before boarding. Of course it starts 9/13 which is my sail date. I'm guessing it delays getting on board at least an hour
  6. Proof that their kids had taken a Covid test a few days before arriving at the port. Its a requirement for all non vaccinated passengers, even those younger than 12
  7. I’m happy with the decision for a fully vaccinated cruise. The only thing I’ve had to do is download a picture of the vaccine card to the SafePassage portal. Took just a minute. Now just counting down the days! ( I wonder what fuss there will be for the Wish cruise I’ve booked for next year- hopefully way smoother than this one!)
  8. Correct as of this minute. However it could change - who knows! DCL will have to strike some deal with the Bahamas and what the entails who knows. (I wish I did as my Dream sailing is 9/13 to Nassau and Castaway Cay, both currently banned by the Bahama government. )
  9. I sail on 9/13 on the Dream, and if I had two guesses they would be: 1. Since its not legal to sail only sea days, DCL pays a huge sum of money to the Bahamas to let them enter Castaway Cay with two days there - not going to Nassau. 2. DCL changes it medical requirements so as to only allow fully vaccinated passengers. Of course I'm never right on anything, so perhaps they will cancel the cruises or work out some last minute deal with the Bahamas
  10. I wonder if the sizable smaller number of passengers on the second cruise was DCL's doing, or just people bailing because if the hoops they had to go through?
  11. Watching the You Tube VLOGs from the first cruise its sailing with about 1600 passengers or about 60% capacity. Sadly they stopped well over 100 people from boarding as they didn't have the correct paperwork.
  12. Shmoo - I did have all the pics downloaded on my computer. The problem was the Check In did NOT like them! Rejects. So I had to retake my picture using my phone, email that to me and it worked. Same with the passports. The Check In will not accept PDF files, only JPEGs.
  13. Shmoo - I used the computer as i feel more comfortable on it, but that's what made it a pain retaking pictures. I had to snap the pics and then email them to me so i could get them on my computer. However my DW would have used her phone for the whole process and finished in half the time it took me.
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