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  1. Just an FYI that a sellout happened to me. I was in Milan and needed to get to Florence. No tickets! I learned a hard lesson and now when I know I need to travel on a certain day/time I purchase my tickets beforehand. I usually do this at the train station beforehand.
  2. If you absolutely have to have them on a certain day and time, you should pre-purchase.
  3. Karae

    What To Do Near Civitavecchia - Not Wanting Rome

    We are going to Orvieto by private car.
  4. Karae

    Rome to Naples

    Take the fast train
  5. Karae

    Getting to Venice from Rome

    Train for sure. You can google finding train route and buy tickets before you go. Just make sure you that the fast train.
  6. Karae

    Rome Shore Excursion (without Vatican?)

    You can just show up at the Colosseum and there are tons of private tour operators to choose from....that's what we did, we also included Palentine HIll.
  7. I dont know where it is, but you bet I will look for it when we go in late April!
  8. We have always paid in Euros...
  9. We never take more than a few hundred euros. We use out debit card and credit cards. Just make certain when using debit card to do it at a bank. Also don’t forget to call at least a week before departure to let these banks know your destination and time frame....or surprise...they won’t work.
  10. Thank you! Already have it planned to go there!
  11. Karae

    Transportation from Civitavecchia to Positano

    Cruisemom42, I should have clarified theft! I, too, have traveled extensively via train through Europe and I, too, have luckily never had anything taken. However, the train from Naples to the Amalfi coast is a slow, packed intercity train that makes frequent stops. We encountered 3 different people who appeared to be diligent and aware who lost things to theft. I swore when we got off I would not return to Naples on that train. We hired a driver to take us back to Naples train station where we proceeded via train to a Rome.
  12. We love the Quirinale Hotel, the rooms are large and the hotel is full of character, and it is close (walking distancw from the train station). Cabs are easy to get from the airport, just remember to get in line and wait your turn as they have a system. We always tip the cab drivers, and yes, I would book my hotel early. I think as far as getting to the cruise port, I would do a private transer. You can research this yourself, but if I am not mistaken, there is a service called Stefan...As far as language, most people you encounter speak English, especially in Rome. I have always purchased my tours for Rome for the important sites on line before leaving. Have fun planning!
  13. Karae

    Transportation from Civitavecchia to Positano

    I agree with Tapi. Last trip we took the train and 3 people were robbed on our journey. As for driving, I would never do it, that drive is beautiful but scary. On our return we rented a driver! Best thing we did!
  14. Karae

    Amalfi or Cinque Terre

    I have been to Amalfi before, but my husband has not. We are going in April and I have booked Pompeii, Sorrento and The Amalfi coast due to his interest in seeing Pompeii with ItalyTours.EU. We have discovered that the day of our tour is a national holiday in Italy, and they will not know until the week of the tour if Pompeii will be open. If not, I am requesting a stop in Postiano. I have heard nothing but positive reviews about this company and we have booked three tours with them for this trip.
  15. Karae

    Amalfi or Cinque Terre

    Hands down the Amalfi coast, the beauty of those views stay with you forever!