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  1. We just spoke with our rep and she moved our final payment date to Jan. 22. Much better.
  2. Thanks you for asking this. We just got a "your Final Payment is Due" for our Nov 2022 cruise. It was a bit of a shocker and they were not the least willing to change the due date. We are currently debating as to whether or not we are going to let go of the cruise or not. Since we didn't do research prior to this and discovered this propensity of Viking's, there's not much we can do. At least it's nice to know we weren't the only ones surprised by this.
  3. We went to the Orkneys and had planned a land tour there based upon our brief visit. It was a lovely place and I could not have been more impressed with the tour or all that we saw. Thankfully, it was a rainy day and we pretty much had every stop to ourselves. We would (and will) go back in a heartbeat when we can!
  4. And so many other sites to see. We had such fun 'discovering' the past
  5. According to a CNN article: The exception There's one country in the Princess line-up that's been scheduled an earlier reprieve: Australia. The cruise line said all trips in and out of Australia on their ships Majestic Princess, Regal Princess, Sapphire Princess, Sea Princess and Sun Princess can resume on October 31. The full article is here: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/princess-cruises-cancels-sailings-december-pandemic/index.html I am hoping that will include the Pacific Princess on Dec. 21
  6. We were supposed to leave on our Alaska cruise this past Tuesday and it wasn't until that day that our cruise was 'cancelled' and our FCC/On board were given back to us.
  7. Hey, from one local to another, she is a great ship with a great crew. Give her a chance, you won't be disappointed.
  8. The ship has 650 passengers and that gives you the advantage of getting to know your shipmates and the Princess staff. despite it not having any of the bells and whistles of the bigger ships, she has a style and elegance that harkens back to the glorious days of cruising. Being a smaller ship, she can get closer to destinations, too. We docked a mile from the Heritage while the Grand had to dock a two-hour bus ride away. She is, all in all, a great little ship.
  9. We still have a cruise scheduled for June 3rd (Alaska). Until Princess tells us it's cancelled, it's our next cruise and I will get on the Pacific Princess (our favorite ship in the fleet) and happily cruise. There's no way this will stop me from cruising, barring ill health, of course. Let's all just stay positive, healthy and focused upon the prize of that next embarkation.
  10. My hat is off to Princess for their response to all of this and to answer your question, yes, I will book another cruise with Princess without a moment's hesitation. We are Princess for life.
  11. I am over 60, but have none of the other issues, nor does my husband. Thanks! I hope you will enjoy your next cruise, too. Be safe!
  12. I am very proud to call myself a Princess person. I think what they did took guts and they will lead the industry by example. Our cruise is set for June 3rd and I hope it's still a go, but if not, then I know it will be because Princess thinks it best. I'm sorry that you lost out on your cruise.
  13. Thank you for a helpful and positive post. We will be sailing on her in June and can't wait to get back 'home.' I hope that you will continue to heal and that things will look up for you. My husband was wondering who is the Maître d and the head captain in the main dining room these days. I hope you have nothing but smooth sailing ahead for you!
  14. If they were so fearful, then they should have stayed home. As far as I can tell, it's not mandatory to take a cruise and certainly they were aware of the problem beforehand. I can't believe the lengths people will go for money...
  15. What a great post. I remember my hubby asking for a Crocker Ricky - a creation by a friend of ours and he taught the library barkeeper (Simon) how to make it. Every night after that, there was a Crocker Ricky waiting at our table for him. When he was off, he still came up and made the drink for my hubby. What a great memory that was and I'd forgotten all about it until I read this. So, thanks!!
  16. Has anyone here been on the Ghost and Good Time Gals excursion in Skagway? We signed up for it yesterday and I'm hoping it's as much fun as it sounds.
  17. Sometimes, the anticipation is the best part of the cruise. And that moment of first walking up the gangway to the ship is so sweet. I always feel a little sad, though, because it means it will too soon be over. However, a trip to the Future Cruise Desk usually helps! 😄
  18. So many beautiful memories from the deck of Princess ships. We are about to leave on our 19th and I still get as excited as I did the first time. Walking up to the ship and just seeing her makes me burst into tears of happiness. I remember being on the Pacific Princess and: doing a tour of Asia, we had to redirect to miss Typhoon Kaimai and were going to the Captain's party with our tablemates. Just as we got to the open deck, there was the more incredible sunset ever! It took my breath away. Seeing a tri-level thunderstorm while sailing in Panama. Watching the lightning go from one cloud deck to the next was incredible. Sailing up the Amazon and watching the water change color from brown to black. So many happy memories and so ready to make more!
  19. What marvelous memories you have! You made me smile like crazy with your post!
  20. I don't know about the other ships, but the Pacific has the best Fettuccini Alfredo outside of Italy! It's my favorite app.
  21. I didn't, at least not there. I did see them once in Vermont (where I grew up), but that was it. I wish we were leaving a bit later, but this was the time everyone could do.
  22. And we went in August. Of course, we booked late and had a oceanview (two portholes). This time we have a balcony (and binoculars!). I think (hope) that will make a difference.
  23. Me, too. The last time we went on this cruise, we saw nothing. it was very disheartening. I'm hoping that we will have better luck this time.
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