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  1. Not pools - pool and it is salt water and tiny, but we still love it.
  2. From what I've gathered, they are installing MUTS and maybe the medallion system, but I'm not sure on the latter. It was just a rumor last cruise.
  3. We've been sailing with Princess since 1997 and recently achieved Elite status. While I'm delighted with having a black card, I've found much more attitude coming from the suite people than I have the Elites.
  4. You are very welcome. I am disabled and at no time was I challenged with the trip to the hotel. There is a long walk to get to the water taxis, but it mostly level and all in side. If you need any photos or whatnot to further tempt her, let me know.
  5. We did and adored the Bauer. Our room was very comfortable, although a little on the small size. Princess met us at the airport gate and stayed right with us until we reached the front steps of the Bauer (via water taxi). The gondolas are right outside, though so they are easy to get to if you want a ride. If you have any questions, please ask away. We stayed a week ahead of out cruise and were treated like royalty.
  6. I have very short hair and it was quite the chore using the blow dryer. My friend has very long hair and she just gave up and let it air dry. Love the ship, but not so much the hair dryers. :P
  7. We were on the ship in November and loved what had been done to her. Perhaps if you went on their Facebook page and asked? This is a shot in the dark as I don't do FB or know how it works, but I know several crewmembers have pages there.
  8. Yes, and it doesn't work very well...
  9. Yes, you can bring coffee grounds on board.
  10. I liked Neil, too. We had Sammy before him and I was sure no one could fill her shoes, but he does a very nice job. I like the flexibility of the suite dining. It was new to us and we got used to it very quickly. PP has always been our favorite ship in the fleet and I have a feeling will continue to be so for (hopefully) years to come.
  11. We sailed on her just before she had her refurbishment in 2017. This time they are pulling her out of the water to take care of some structural things or so one of the engineer officers told us. I do agree that she looks great. Now if they would only replace the faded images in the buffet...
  12. If you would drop me an e mail at charliekirby@comcast.net I will forward the photos to you. I'm not tech savvy enough to figure out how to embed photos with this new format.
  13. We have already signed up for one of her cruises. She is a fabulous little ship and will really be able to get into some of those ports. We did Alaska about 20 years ago on the Sky and are looking forward to seeing it again on our favorite ships. She is going into dry dock next year, so hopefully all the cabins will see the improvements that we noted in the suites.
  14. They are on my hubby's phone. I will have him send them to me.
  15. A bit of both, actually. It's L shaped, so there's a part of it that flips out, like a regular sofa bed and then sets upon the short leg of the L (it that makes any sense. It is queen size and comes with a down topper. We had our GD staying on one and my hubby tried it out and said it was very comfortable. I hope you will find it the same. I think we took pictures if you'd like them.
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