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  1. See its popular in the USA but can't see anything for the UK?
  2. If I planned to fly into Orlando the day before the cruise...... 1. Is this sensible? 2. I've got annual insurance, would I be covered if the flight was delayed over 24 hours and we missed the boat? I'm thinking the chances of being delayed 24 hrs+ is probably minimal- just wondered what other people do?
  3. Yes of course. Fiercely independent. You probably know we have our own sports teams, national anthems, own language (not everyone speaks it in wales - about 40%), definitely own culture. We're all governed centeally from London and we are all BRITISH according to passports. Wales, Scotland, N Ireland do have some devolved powers (not convinced it works). Saying that I've worked in England, studied in England etc etc (its about 30 mins drive to the border for me). When I worked there used to tell everyone I was an international commuter.
  4. Never done a Europe cruise but I can imagine....... Holiday flights from the UK to certain european destinations can be a bit like that. Couple of times seen group of lads early morning flight, totally smashed, misbehaving on plane, arriving then getting sent straight home.
  5. Oh don't get me wrong I'm in no way trying to paint the nation with a broad brush. 26 vacations to the US in 27 years will tell you that I'm a pretty big fan of the US! If anything, I avoid areas in Florida (International Drive in Orlando for instance) that Brits tend to populate. Don't get me going how some Brits refuse to tip the correct amount because "we don't do that much in the UK". In my mind, your country, your customs I'm just a visitor. BTW - impressed to be called British not English. (British but NOT English - I'm from Wales - something that confuses a lot of people in the US)
  6. With you on that - got friends like that to be honest. I just don't get it. Friends attitude is "its my holiday too" as in I'll get drunk in front of my kids and I dont care. Did see a few instances on last cruise with parents with toddlers screaming and they're oblivious with a drink in their hand.
  7. I guess part of it is, like I said, we're from the UK. When we come on vacation its usually for 2-3 weeks so part of the time is in Florida. I guess you'll probably find it hard to believe but restaurants like Outback, Longhorn, etc are something that we don't get in the UK (in terms of quality and quantity of food) so we're more than happy to go to these places when we're off the boat. I guess with you guys based in the US you don't want to go to chain restaurant that you can go to every day of the week anyway. Never used to have subway in the uk (theres tons of them now) we ALWAYS went to subway in FL. Of course, now we don't. We've had McD, Burger King, KFC for years in the UK so we don't go there - but we do go Wendys, SteaknShake etc. Now you're going to think I'm really sad. We have ONE Dennys in Wales - its about an hours drive away from us. Yeh we go there sometimes.
  8. No prob Mike - if I didn't have kids I'd do the same. Chill in the Solarium and avoid the main pool. Yeh did try to avoid it but 10 year olds have to go in the pool lol.
  9. Yeh the main pool area is the worse. BUT when you've got a 10 year old who wants to go in the pool, wants to go get an ice cream you have no choice. And of course there are bars near the pool. Solarium is good (when said 10 yr old is in kids club) and yes we did do most of the things you did. We did, however, see a few people in the lift being really drunk. Its just not cool....
  10. Maybe. Not so much away from others I'd say maybe away from others who want to be loud and boisterous..... Not sure if there were only 500 people on a smaller boat you'd be able to avoid though..... Seriously thinking next year, Disney Cruise. Yes its more expensive but, surely, no-one goes on there with the intent of having a 7 days drinking party? Or do they lol?
  11. I guess. Drinks package aint cheap. For two I think for the 7 days it would work out something like $1300-$1400 per couple. Each to his own I suppose but I've got better things to spend my money on..... But I can see if you've spent this much, hey might as well drink to oblivion. Not for me.... It did seem though that me not drinking was not the norm though I must admit. I'm sure it wasn't like you say. Perhaps its because I'm British but I find that someone standing one end of the pool screaming "Whooooaaa lets go - Vacation 2023!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" to someone at the other end certainly lacks a bit of decorum (for want of another word). I want to go on holidays and do what I want to do without interacting with others. If you've had a drink or having fun then the 400 people all around do not need to know this! Perhaps it is me lol. Don't get me wrong, theres a massive binge drinking culture with youngsters here in the UK (of course 18 is the age too) but thats restricted to city centres at the weekends (so you avoid this!). OK yes kids going to europe on holidays is also a problem for the same reason - again avoid certain European beach resorts....... Its just all a bit alien to me being in a family environment seeing "older" (ok 30s, 40s) drinking to excess like this.... And to be honest getting overexcited.
  12. Well got port fees returned - something like $27 per person
  13. Nice ship.... Food was great. Really just don't get the idea of paying a lot of $s extra to use the premium restaurants though..... Balcony room was nice. Would I do again with a 10 year old and a 19 year old. No.... Not that big. One thing that really put us off though. Don't get me wrong I'm not teetotal but when I go on holidays with my kids I tend not to want to get hammered. Ship seemed half full of people - a lot with little kids in tow - intent on getting hammered 24 hours a day. I don't get it. Appreciate that in the US, a lot of people don't get a lot of vacation time each year but there really does seem to be a MASSIVE culture of "lets party and get drunk for a week". Maybe its me? Are all cruises like this? I mean I don't mind people drinking at all but it got a bit tiring watching hammered 30/40 something in the pool with their kids screaming, shouting and whooping at 2pm in the afternoon.
  14. On wonder at the mo. Missing roatan now due to storm. Can't be helped I guess. Any compensation or is it just tough luck?
  15. OK right. Thinking more of my teenagers who will be clueless.
  16. So how long before sailing do you find out if you've been successful? Do you get informed either way or is it a case of no email not successful?
  17. Is going to be tricky both on the boat and at Coco Cay? Do they make it obvious that a place is extra?
  18. I've got login and can see everyones boarding passes. Does the rest of the party have to download the app also and have a separate login? Or use mine? How does the chat thing work?
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