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  1. Any ideas about CD, entertainment direct, captain? I looked on the cruise director list and it doesn’t seem to be updated. Looking forward to all your info!
  2. Has anyone cancelled their upcoming casino rate cruise booked lately? I am specifically asking about the offers that came this year since the covid shut down. I am asking because I am considering cancelling our January 10th cruise, but want to know how the taxes, port fees and $100 per person deposit we paid which was to be given back as OBC will be handled. Thanks in advance
  3. Does anyone have recent experience with cancelling one of the " free" cruises. I know I will loose all the perks that came with the offer, but what about my actual money paid for port fees and taxes, and the $100 per person deposit that was to be given back as OBC? Our is scheduled for January 10, and just not feeling confident that they will be ready.
  4. I am not sure you are correct. I received the same offer, and others have as well from many previous topic's. The Casino department offers you a free room (interior), and Free play in the casino of $250. We had to pay port fees. But at the time we also,had to pay a $100 deposit per person, which is the given back as OBC.
  5. Pia, just love to hear this. Is there a way to email you? I have a question for you but don't want to post it here. Do you know how to send that to me through CC privately? Thanks in advance
  6. Back in the day Pia1913 did some great "Live from". Love that 5pm, or 4pm, or.......was Wine time , LOL WinksCruises is a total hoot. love following Mr & Mrs Winks. I saw someone mention LittleMissMagic. Her and her family Reviews are great. Also love Bimmer as well. Years ago there was a great Carnival group and Host Randy and Chris (GoingCruisin) was part of them. Saints-N-Sinners. Their Live reviews were hysterical
  7. What are you most looking forward to seeing as new Topics in the Princess forum? Once Princess actually has a real start up date in sight, I can't wait to see these: 1) a daily update to the CD and entertainment director list. What fun it will be to see everyone starting to move again, and where our favorite CD's end up 2) New posts about crew, entertainment staff, officers, etc being contracted again and start getting deployed out to ships! 3) continued updates from Princess as to Cruise , Health & safety. 4) progress during covid shutdown as to Medallian fleet-wide upgrades What are YOU looking forward to?
  8. Could be they already know that late 2021 cruise needs to be changed. Ship change, itinerary etc? With all the itinerary and ship changes going on anything is possible. What ship and where was it going? With them moving the majority of your FCC to the later cruise, they have less to deal with once the ship /itinerary/cancellation is announced that needs to be changed?
  9. I like that idea. Easy to keep track of. Keep the free play chips separate from any I hopefully win playing craps. Then once the special ones are gone I am good to go cash in!
  10. I am currently booked on a January 10, 2021 cruise on the Caribbean Princess. It was booked on the first round of Cason's offers. Exactly how does the free play money work? Do they give you the cash at the Casino cashier, or table chips, or do they put it on you players card? thanks
  11. So back when the first round casino offers came out we took the 7 day, inside cabin. I paid port fees and $100 pp which was given back as OBC. There was also $250 casino credit, beverage package, gratuities and free wifi. If out January 10th cruise is in the next round of cruises getting canceled, does anyone know if all of those perks remain in tact as a FCC? Or just what I actually paid?
  12. We just did the same cruise Jan 27-Feb 11. Here is what we did: Hilo: did a private tour which covered Volcanoes Nat’l park, rainbow falls, black sand beach, macadamia nut tour. Ricky’s tours. Google then email him. Honolulu: took a uber to Pear Harbor. Reserve your spot ahead if time under National parks website. When you get there we paid $7.50 for narrated headsets. Very worth it. Then we ubered to Waikiki beach Kauai: private plane tour. Absolutely amazing. Saw Waimea canyon, Napali coast, whales breaching. Best tour we’ve ever done. Wings Over Kauai Maui: whale watching excursion through the ship. Best cruise ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  13. As far as who is getting layed off, here is what I experienced. Just received a call and follow up emails last week from a PVP at Carnival. She introduced herself, and I joined her Carnival sponsored FAcebook page. Yesterday received a FB message from a admin person saying that her group page is closed, and she is no longer with the company. I think she had 14 years experience.
  14. Great information. Thank you! I was hoping the crew would be allowed to leave by now.
  15. Does anyone have a list, or an update on which Princess ships are still at sea or trying to offload passengers? and for ships that have no passengers and are just docked or floating around -do you know if they have released all crew to go back home?
  16. 1) cruise ship docked in Kauai 2) Waimea canyon from plane tour 3) Honolulu
  17. This has hit way too close to home for us. We were on the Grand princess to Hawaii January 27- February 11th. There were so many crew members I talked to that were slated to go home sometime in March. A sweet girl that worked in the Piazzo is pregnant and was heading home in March on maternity leave. They will all have to stay on and be quarantined the way things are looking.
  18. The drink package items don’t show on your bill.Only the billed item showed. But They show on the personalizer under Ocean Concierge, on my cell phone. There’s a drop down box that says Beverage package just above The drop down for room charges. Hope this clears it up
  19. Exactly. It showed the location (Calypso Bar) and the number 1/15, 2/15 etc and the exact time. It also came in handy when this happened. At dinner every night we would leave the table with 2 Corona’s unopened. We like to keep a few in our fridge. One day I noticed I was billed for a drink. Went to guest services, they pulled the receipt, and it was fir a Corona. They went back and could see we had the beverage package and that every night we each ordered 1 Corona on both our cards. Charge was taken off in a flash
  20. We just recently returned from the Grand, who is not converted to 100% Medallain yet. We used the Ocean Concierge app. Besides using it for texting other passengers, it also listed all the day's activities and my beverage package was under a drop down box under my name. It would show every alcoholic drink, the location and time. all specialty coffees, teas, water, milkshakes, soda's did not show up. Only Alcoholic items
  21. I can understand the strict 5pm boarding time. We’re expecting to be in by 2pm. They advised us no flights until after 4pm, expecting to take approx 2 hrs for debarment
  22. On the Grand now. Its been a wild 15-Hawaiian adventure. We had to turn around on our 1st sea day headed back to San Francisco. Medical emergency. Went all the way back to Honolulu. We were granted a reprieve from going to Ensenada for Jones act requirements, but we will still arrive approximately 5 hrs later than original ETA. Heads up for anyone on the Feb 11 10-day mexican cruise
  23. Just finished reading this wonderful review. We too are on the 1/27 sailing and h20skibum just capped off my excitement. This is our 1st time to Hawaii, our 1st time to California and our 1st B2B cruise. Can. Not. Wait
  24. Thanks for the information. Really helps to know what to expect. I was on a cruise at the 60-day mark and couldn’t get online that day to reserve tickets. So we will try for the 24-hour window or just get there super early as you suggested. Thanks again. Happy New Year!
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