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  1. Call Crown & Anchor Society and set up your preference. I think the number (in the US) is (800) 762-0585. There are specific choices available, but I am unable to find the list. Once you make your choice, it will be set for subsequent cruises unless you change it.
  2. Perhaps next week? http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/19069859_Deployment_Opening_Schedule_20212022.pdf
  3. On our last cruise our room attendant left 2 pool towels on the loungers on our balcony. We never had to sign them in or out.
  4. The only issue is one of being considerate. If seats are occupied by children, they can't be used by adult members that would appreciate the use of the lounge.
  5. Thank you. Very much looking forward to it! Very large wrap around balcony!
  6. We just booked the Radiance from Honolulu to Vancouver in May 2021 as the second leg of a B2B. We had booked 9256 on first leg and very much wanted it on the second leg, so we booked as soon as we were able. However "our" room was already taken. Oh well! We booked the aft balcony next to it, and the RCI rep we booked with asked if we would like to be put on a waitlist in case of a cancellation of 9256. Well, yes! Didn't expect anything to come of it but yesterday we got notification that 9256 was available! I don't know who had that room, but if it is someone here, thank yo
  7. We are also sailing on the Freedom. Our cruise is in Dec. Anyone know whether or not we should expect the DL to be busy? This is the first cruise we have taken in a while that is not a TA or TP and it would be nice to have the Lounge a little less crowded.
  8. The lines both offer great ships, great cruises, and great service. The perks for loyal cruisers are a little different. Royal offers limited WI_FI and laundry, but ample booze. Princess offers limited booze, but better WI-FI and laundry. Princess also offers do it yourself laundry for cruisers with less loyalty points. Royal offers balcony discounts, not sure if princess has similar perk, but I don't think so.
  9. Thanks for the heads up! We have a room booked. Actually we are doing the Baltic before that cruise as B2B, but saw the talk about rooms becoming scarce so we decided to book one ASAP. LOL! We will be doing two TA's next year, the one mentioned above and a B2B Holy Land cruise on the Explorer followed by another TA. A bit much, but they are bucket list items and time is catching up with us.
  10. That is a bucket list cruise for us, (and apparently a lot of others also). We booked it on 12/17/18 and are very glad that we did. That is a cruise that you do not wait for price drops, or you miss out!
  11. Is an annual policy available and cost effective for frequent cruisers, or is it best just to buy a policy for each cruise?
  12. Is Mark still on the Radiance? We just got off and had heard that he was leaving. Vacation maybe?
  13. I don't know. It would depend on the airline, and destination. My point is that Maine's airports are all very small compared to major airports in large cities. They do not have the traffic to justify multiple flights some airports offer.
  14. Just off the Radiance and they did not enforce the laundry day. We were able to send laundry when we choose.
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