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  1. We are in mid coast area.
  2. Ayuh! It is not viewed as very reliable.
  3. Packing some food is a great way to save money, but adds work to you. It if the budget is tight bring the food. If you are tight, loosen up and enjoy life. We always try to arrive a couple of days early just in case there are troubles on the way Is your spouse licensed in all the states you will travel through? I also am licensed for my home state, and some states recognise that license, but not all. I think it is a bad idea to leave a weapon in your car. Everyone bring too much luggage and not enough money. We always travel with just carry on.
  4. I believe that you do. We walked to/through Central Station from the terminal. I don't remember how long it was, but it was a short walk.
  5. If you are on the roll call for that cruise you may be able to find someone that would like to share an internet package.
  6. In 4 days we will be on the Serenade, we were on the Vision Feb 2-9 and it seems such a long time ago. Next cruise after Serenade will be in 141 days on the Radiance B2B Vancouver to Sydney. All told, we have 15 cruises scheduled in the next 24 months. We are trying to get as much in as we can while our health lasts!
  7. Keep in mind that Thorben-Hendrik is a Painnacle.
  8. Sorry that happened to them. Unfortunately there are rude people everywhere.
  9. Of the 3 lines we have sailed with, Princess is the only one that has had laundry facilities.
  10. Yes, we have been on several and this is the first one that RCI has sent out emails (We have received the same notice regarding this sailing twice) about the lounge availability.
  11. Can anyone elaborate on this Captain circle perk? What and how much is offered? I am also curious to know if Princess offers discounts on their fare as part of their loyalty program. Anyone able to make a comparison Royal and Princess of Loyalty programs?
  12. You can be sure RCI is aware of it. We have received email notifications from them concerning the availability of lounges on our upcoming TA on Serenade.
  13. In the end you have to decide for yourself, but consider all your past history with this TA. Has it been positive other than this last trip? Will you be giving up any perks?
  14. See, Mon's really do know best!
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