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  1. We bought just such an iPad on Apex for $299, using our on-board credit. Since my wife already has a Samsung Galaxy pad and I have an iPhone 12 Pro we weren't too concerned about which version iPad we were buying. Turns out it's a 7th generation dating to 2019 and has wi-fi with 32 GB storage which get's filled up really fast if you download movies. Of course you can sign up for iCloud and store stuff there (I'm not sure about movies), or delete the films after watching. Photos, which I like to save, do not use much memory. Annoyingly, the iPad's Operating System chews up almost have of those 32 GB. This econo iPad is kind of an oddball, having a screen size that's between most of the popular sizes. We read that at one time Apple was providing iPads to schools, so maybe this pad was part of that experiment. Bottom line: It works for us. And at $299 worth of "free money," how bad could it be? joe
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