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  1. Noo

    New to MSC.

    I will be trying this for the first time next week so I'll let you know how it is. Unfortunately, I've seen very little about it and my sailing doesn't have a roll call.
  2. Noo

    My Drinks Plus?

    That's really helpful Wansbrough. Thanks very much!
  3. Noo

    My Drinks Plus?

    That's great! Thanks very much for your help.
  4. We are considering our first cruise with Costa in October but I'm finding it quite hard to find much information compared to other lines I've sailed with! We would have the "My Drinks Plus" package, but I'm curious about the wine. The information I've found states that you can get white, red or rose with meals, but it doesn't mention it elsewhere. It does say that you can get unlimited cocktails, beers and spirits, but we don't drink too many of those. Would a glass of wine by the glass from a bar be included in this package? I wouldn't be interested in buying a bottle when I already have a drinks package. I've seen other posts about drinks packages but they seem to have different names than the one that I'm seeing. I'm not sure if this is a recent change or if they title it differently in the UK. 🙂 Thanks very much
  5. Thanks very much. I remember liking their itinerary but I don't think I priced them up fully. I wish they'd make it easier to get cost info! I think Princess are one of our favourites at the moment, although I probably should admit that on here! 🙂 Anyway, I should leave this now before we derail the thread any further.
  6. Do you mind me asking who you're going with? We've tried a few lines so far but only three of them do world cruises and only two of those I'd do again.🙂
  7. I read these topics on the forums because we're planning to hopefully do our one and only world cruise in a few years time. I rarely comment because I've never done one so have very little advice I could give. I imagine that many world cruisers/potential world cruisers are in the same position as us. The answers on this forum are unlikely to reflect that because the people that tend to keep checking and helping on the world cruise threads are the ones who have already done at least one are likely to do another!
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