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  1. I went on a round the world cruise with CMV and we had the 39 stops as scheduled and regardless of weather conditions they always made it into port or stood off for tenders. Luck of the game I suspect with this or any other cruise line. I am sorry, though, for those who missed places they especially wanted to visit. I would be very disappointed rather than annoyed though.
  2. They were very helpful recently, following an enquiry, in giving me my 7.5% Platinum discount on my Additions Package for my 2021 World Cruise.
  3. Hello, To be frank, I honestly can't remember if I was offered a choice of bed configuration. If you want a double I would suggest contacting CMV Customer Services who may be able to put a marker down. I did meet some people who had an inside cabin on Deck 9 who had a double so assume it's possible. Hope it works out for you.
  4. Certainly when I travelled last year there was no question of the ship obtaining the Indian visa. CMV pointed you in the direction of their partner company CIBT but, as I said before, I found easy enough online at a much cheaper price. Also CMV required sight of the obtained visa before embarkation.
  5. In case anyone is interested here is a short video tour of my solo cabin (Deck 10) taken on last year's world trip. It is a pretty amateurish film but may give potential travellers a taste of what it was like. I found it very comfortable and more spacious than I had anticipated. It had everything I needed other than a kettle although this wasn't a showstopper. I am glad, however, that CMV has now put one in these cabins. The fridge was especially useful to keep water cold prior to shore excursions particularly when sailing through the hotter climes . Any comments good or bad will be welcomed. Cabin Tour.MTS
  6. Our world cruise was scheduled to stop in 2 Indian ports - Cochin and Mumbai - last year. About 2 weeks before the start of the trip I applied online for an Indian visa including my photo (in the correct size, different from most other countries I found), a copy of my Passport and the £60 fee. I received the visa back within 72 hours. Yes, the forms are (in my view) somewhat bureaucratic and probably unnecessarily lengthy but providing you're careful about their completion there shouldn't be any problems. Having read a number of mentions on forum posts about difficulties in applying for the visa I was pleasantly surprised.
  7. Based solely on my experience on the world cruise 2018: Unless you have a lot of washing at one time I found the handy line in the cabin's shower is very good at drying clothes overnight and obviates the need to use the ship's driers. Pegs or hangers are obviously required. I brought some washing powder with me (and replenished it abroad at a couple of the ports) as it is relatively expensive onboard and the quantity in the bags they sell is pretty small. Tokens can be a problem as people tend to buy more than they really need and this, of course, reduces the number available for other passengers. In fact, on many days there were none available at all which led to some disquiet among the passengers so much so that the ship resorted to having a member of the crew stationed in the launderette on Deck 10 who operated the washing machine for you on production of a receipt from Reception proving the fee had been paid. Whether all this has changed I don't know.
  8. Hi, when I went on the CMV world cruise in 2018 I received my tickets, labels etc by post about 3 months in advance. Of course, I live in the UK so am not aware of what may apply in your case. Why not drop a line to : customer.services@cruiseandmaritime.com Sorry can't be more helpful. Good luck.
  9. Anyone recommend one day tours in Sydney, Auckland or Singapore please? I've been to all these cities before but have done hop on hop off in Australia and NZ and a CMV excursion in Singapore. Just looking for something a little different. Thanks.
  10. When I was on there for the world cruise last year and you had to buy a package of 250Megabytes, 500Megabytes or 1 Gigabyte - the penultimate costing £27 and the last costing £39. I am not aware that you could pay per session but perhaps on the shorter cruises you can. Actually, looking at some of those cruises on their website I notice CMV are offering complimentary wi-fi. May be worth a quick email to them to ascertain the position on your particular cruise.
  11. I would classify it as cruising without the frills. It represents what I feel is good value for money (look at how much other cruise lines charge for RTW trips) and, on my last world cruise, I met many people, like myself, who had never taken the "big step" before and, from my conversations, did not regret that they had. I'm sure you will really enjoy it. Ignore the complainers and the "well, it wasn't like this on Holland America, NCL, Cunard etc" of which there can be a few, of course. Regrettably, most of them tend to be British who expect 5* service for 3* prices! Surprisingly (to me, at least), on my trip, the ones who were the most stoic and accepting were from over the Atlantic. If you see a man in his early 70s walking around with a "Run Norwich" T shirt on that will be me. Do say hello. Stephen
  12. Have you travelled on the Columbus before? From my own experience I found it very friendly and extremely relaxing.
  13. There is no mention whether these matters were brought to CMV's attention and what ,if any, their response was. Having travelled on the MV Columbus last year and spoken to a number of crew members both "upstairs and downstairs" they seemed, by and large, happy with their facilities although there was mention that their food was not particularly good and that, occasionally, it was supplemented by what passengers didn't eat.
  14. I guess you would call it trying to be as competitive as they can as a small fish in a large pool. They are a new firm comparatively in the business and, as such, have to produce prices which will be affordable and attractive to people other than, say, those who travel with P&O, Cunard or Saga. I think CMV recognise their place in the cruising industry and realise, at these prices, they can't provide the extensive menus or the glamorous West End shows of the big boys. What they do, and I am speaking from experience of the 2018 World Cruise, is provide good quality cabins, food and entertainment but at what arguably might be termed a budget price. I had a wonderful time, met interesting and friendly people and have booked again for 2021!
  15. Well, it's possible that the prices may come down so that you may be able to afford an inner cabin which, if you have never travelled on the Columbus before, are extremely comfortable and roomy for a solo passenger. I worked out that I have over a year before I have to pay the balance which is useful. Of course, on top of the fare you have travel insurance costs, gratuities etc before you even leave the dock at Tilbury!
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