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  1. Hello. This is our first time on Harmony of the Seas and we are in a Junior Suite. I read that the JS rooms have coffee makers. Can anyone advise of the type of coffee maker it is so we can bring our own coffee. Thanks in advance.
  2. On Freedom only entrees were limited to on. Apps sides and desert was unlimited Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Forums mobile app
  3. Henry Hood was in the Bears and Bull. He was good and fun. But his contract was up at end of this sailing. Someone else is playing there now. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Forums mobile app
  4. In the past, we have been able to rent it for an hour for $300 dollars. If you have a group of kids it is alot of fun. Enjoy
  5. Sure can. Just ask your room attendant. If he won't do it, ask one of the officers. We have sailed many of the Freedom class and have always had the balcony open. Better than a connecting cabin.
  6. Having been on both of the ships, I would add that the casino is bigger on the FOS. Also, the FOS has fresh water pools and whirlpools. This makes a big difference to my 12 year old daughter. Also, she really enjoys the H2oZone that the FOS has. Enjoy! Bill
  7. Dchills: Thanks for the reply. We are one the ship at xmas and I would probably by the package for beer. Thanks again.
  8. Hello fellow cruisers. Just wondering, is the alcohol drink package available on Freedom of the Seas and what does it include. Thank you.
  9. We recently did hot-wire and got the grand cayman suites resort which is the old hyatt or Hilton for 105 dollars. 25 per person for the day. Not bad for a 4.5 star resort. Bill
  10. No judgements please. Special needs child who wants to bring his psp. I am only asking for an answer not opinions. Thanks Bill
  11. Does anyone know if my son brings his psp 3 if he will be able to hook it up to the tv in the cabins onboard FOS. Thanks for any advice. Bill
  12. We were on this same cruise. I agree that renting the Flowrider privately for an hour is the way to go. My kids had a ball on it. No 1/2 hour lines to wait in. It was a wonderful cruise.
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