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  1. Pleased to confirm our refund has now come through. The FCC appeared about a week ago, and the refund is today showing on the credit card backdated to 4th June, exactly 60 working days after submitting the claim (84 normal days). We submitted the claim on 12th March, 25th April sailing. If I’m being cynical I’m guessing it was scheduled with it being exactly 60 working days, but either way am pleased. Hope others start to come through. As much as I’m frustrated at how long it’s taken, I will cruise with Princess again, it’s more the virus determining when I want/can cruise again rather than t
  2. I rang last weekend having gone over the 60 days, she did say that the form I completed and had acknowledge for on the 12th March was actually registered on the 20th so it would be 60 days from then and she said I should have something the following week, which has now gone by and not received it. But my FCC credits appeared last night as did husbands which is step forward. They did put a post out about new refund method and people are slowly getting them through so fingers crossed.
  3. Agree with others about so many happy memories, I’m going with a simpler experience which just makes me so happy every time I cruise, it’s the first time I see the ship and know I’m boarding it. I was as excited the first time I saw a cruise ship ‘up close’ and the last cruise which was our 8th. That and the first walk out onto the balcony with cocktail in hand and I feel all stress just leave me.
  4. Thanks me too, we’ll give them to end of next week and then submit a credit card claim.
  5. We submitted the refund request and got the acknowledgement email receipt on 12th March (April 25th cruise), we got a ‘sorry bear with us email’ On 2nd May. We rang the UK number today and go straight through. Although they acknowledge our refund request on 12th March, it didn’t hit their refund pile until 20th March so the lady said it would be 60 days from then, so if we don’t get it by end of next week to ring her back. Will wait and see what happens. Fingers crossed.
  6. I’m waiting for a refund, our cruise should have been 25th April, we replied immediately on 12th March to have cash refund, at that stage it was 60 days, but so far only just received an email saying ‘you are in the queue and thank you for being patient’. My patience is running out mainly due to lack of communication. They just repeat they are refunding in cruise date order, but even on the main Princess Board no-one seems to have received anything. Frustrating.
  7. Disgusted if they are moving the goal posts. Just checked the website and can’t find any mention of the days now. We were prepared to wait 60 days but it’s credit charge back if we don’t get it by then.
  8. Great idea for a thread. Some memories coming back from photos of ports I’ve visits and other photos have created a ‘I’d love to go there’ thought. The penguins are gorgeous. This photo was from last year at the Loen Skylift in Norway. It had only opened the year before and the views were spectacular. I loved the contrast between the metal structure engineering and the nature.
  9. Getting away from the work, wi-fi, mobile phones for total relaxation. Unlike land holidays (which I still enjoy) with cruises I totally switch off on and spend quality time with hubby. I can also do as much or as little as I like and for some reason I find I sleep like a baby every night, not sure if it’s the beds, relaxation or sea air or all of the above.
  10. https://thepointsguy.co.uk/news/ports-closing-to-cruise-ships-coronavirus-concerns/ If this is accurate, both Monterey Bay and Santa Barbara.
  11. Hi, Has anyone done the Joe Kenda High Seas Heist? Is it a mystery that you can do by yourself throughout the cruise at your own leisure or is it a group led activity with a princess rep? Would you recommend it? Thanks.
  12. Am sorry this happened when you’ve looked forward to the cruise for so long, glad it worked out in the end and you were happy with how they handled the situation. A great attitude goes to make the experience less stressful and you’ve got a great one. Thanks for sharing the photos and the video, must admit I was expecting drips but the video def shows more than a drip!
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