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  1. We were on this May 2019. Awesome adventures await you. We went in the opposite direction. Did Bergen on our own. MUST DO: Get the Flam Railroad Trip via Viking. That was worth every penny. Did Pulpit Rock with Rodne Tour (get rez ahead), less expensive and virtually the same tour as Viking, Aalborg we did on our own, Germany we opted to do the Schwerin Castle Tour from Viking (good), St. Petersburg we used Alla for their Ultimate Tour and got a group together here. We had The Best Guide of our lives. Amazing two days. Helsinki did included. It was fine. Stockholm we did a private OurWay Tour around the Vasa. Great guide. So many memories and photos!
  2. Boarding Passes on departure - Will they print them on the ship or do you just use your phone app to check in and wait until you get to the airport?
  3. Personally, I wouldn't consider going on such a big vacation WITHOUT trip insurance. While I've never had to use mine, I do know people who have. I think it's worth the investment in peace of mind.
  4. I think that the Rodne cruise (last I checked) was for 2 hours and Viking was longer with a waffle. Much better deal to go with Rodne.
  5. Another question about signing up for the excursions: When it's the right time/day, do you just go to each city and pick or is there one place where you can do it all at once? AND, I know that we can't get into our stateroom until 1 PM, can you board the ship before then to get lunch??
  6. Thank you, once again. Having that information makes it a lot easier. Anything to take a bit of anxiety away. 🙂
  7. If you booked through a TA (we did), just ask them to forward your paperwork in email. You can find it there. So much easier than counting ahead on a calendar!
  8. Thanks to moatenote I now have the exact day the excursions open for me. Does that mean it opens at midnight (I'm a US West Coast person) on that day?? Or is it midnight the night before??
  9. OMG. You are wonderful! I missed that too. No more trying to count on my calendar. Thank you!!
  10. We are also going to be on an upcoming Viking Homelands that sails on May 25th from Bergen. The tours just posted the other day at about Day 110 out. If you'll be on that cruise, there is a group page for us.
  11. Thank you so much for the detailed response.
  12. Question about signing up for tours. Can I sign up for both my husband and myself with just one log in?
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