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  1. You can get it more than once. I have three family members who got it twice. You can bet the farm they got vaccinated too. It does no harm to get vaccinated after already having C19.
  2. While I refuse to do insides, these are very well set up. Love the window seat.
  3. Generally speaking, there will be one show during the week that is 18+. The comedian. They also do a family friendly show. Otherwise, one, maybe two venues go adult only at like 9 or ten pm. everything else is no age limit( other than the adult pool, which is 16+)
  4. This is a case of pretty much needing to go through a TA. Only a couple of options across each different fleet, especially if you have a particular destination in mind. Furthermore, HA cabins are the first to sell out so if you need connecting ones as well, you will need someone quick on the trigger to snag it and the cabin next t to it the minute the cruise goes live
  5. Many disagree with that opinion. The sound of a two year old shrieking..in pain, laughter or anger, is physically painful to my husband due to several ear surgeries. Kids do not make a vacation enjoyable for those who want to relax by a quiet pool and read or work on their tan. Nor do I enjoy being tackled as I walk down a Pway and a pack of roaming pre teens come barreling around the corner. I think Disney does the best at providing child free areas for the adults who want that experience while still catering to the families that want to do everything together. kKSF is offered when they need to fill berths. Right now, they are not having any problems doing that even in this major time of uncertainty . There are more than enough adults who will take up the available spaces that they won’t need to pander to the demographic that is, to put it meanly..cheap and stingy. Any free berth still costs money to the cruiseline. If in nothing else but basic wear and tear and revenue lost because half the cabin isn’t purchasing alcohol or bingo cards.
  6. I read that article and couldn’t decide if that was the case or not. The way it’s worded, either interpretation could be accurate. im just wondering how much of an interest in cruising the Israeli population has. Is there pent up demand like in China, or is this gonna be the test that basically ends cruising as we know it?
  7. Mine is. In fact I have a 2022 carnival cruise booked with her for their big 50th anniversary event.
  8. I have a carnival booked for 2022..my father wanted to go on their big anniversary shindig but hates going alone and paying the single supplement. It was booked long before the pandemic really got going. I had an Alaska on Royal booked which had been rescheduled 5 times before I finally threw in the towel and got a full refund. I will not book any more until AFTER there have been at least 90 days worth of sailing from US ports with no huge problems. I’m not willing to tie up money for a pipe dream otherwise
  9. Technically a PP card is good for land travel only between the US and Canada/Mexico. It was marketed as a lower cost alternative to comply with post 9/11 security measures. I grew up in a time where you could drive over the border to pick up cheap Canadian beer as an 18 year old and return to NY an hour later and not have to show so much as a valid college ID. my father left his passport home once but was able to board with his NYS REALID compliant DL. ( no birth certificate in hand). I believe that was Carnival. Might have been NCL. This was 3-4 years ago now. once cruising returns( if it ever does from US ports) whatever the policies were before may not be the policies in place to come. if it’s that important to you to fund this cruise, then budget the cost of the passports as well.
  10. Ours took just over 4 weeks. We were told it could take until the end of January, but it showed up last week.
  11. It’s a giant window sized flat screen TV. Me, personally, wasn’t a fan. You lose seating or storage, or both. It still looked fake, no breeze, and the lighting was ‘off’..not true natural sunlight. if you only sail interior, and it’s not more than $5 a day to upgrade to VB, it’s probably worth it once for the novelty
  12. Fed up with all the rigamarole. Every time we shift to another cruise it seems our FCC covers less and less. Took the refund since who knows what will change next. Between his job’s internal quarantine requirements, big Navy and their ever changing policies, general Florida issues, it’s a Charlie Foxtrot .
  13. I wouldn’t trust any scale on board. Calibration must be way off just because of the sea.
  14. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Nor does it bother me. Not the biggest fan of buffets in the first place
  15. He needs a lawyer and the straight skinny from the Embassies/consuls of all intended port stops( it does not matter if he says he won’t get off..he is still entering that country and subject to all laws) as well as the cruise lines own internal policies.
  16. Please please please. I have one booked in February, which gives plenty of time to work the kinks out
  17. Eat off the MDR kids menu is free. Eat off the Chops kids menu is$10. at one point, kids under 12 were only welcome before 7 pm. Officially, that restriction has gone away. However, for kids that young, earlier is better for everyone involved. It’s a long affair and they get restless. with the loss of in room babysitting, my usual suggestion of leaving the infant behind is no longer an option. just keep in mind that your idea of fussy may not be someone else’s. For instance, a happy shriek from a toddler is physically painful for my husband who has had several ear surgeries
  18. Personally, I think it’s too much. The average person who dresses up will be far less elaborate than that dress. And most will not dress up at all.
  19. Closest you ever got Pre Plague was dropping your items in the Lounges, but no one was manning it so there would be no recourse if anything disappeared. Someone would have to babysit.
  20. Not if we want to get any rest and actually enjoy our cruise. Can’t function without our machines
  21. A cruise ship has what, ten places, max? I have ten within walking distance and I’m not even near the beach. I am about to go to the beach for dinner. Even though I have the location pre chosen, I’d have the option of almost 2 dozen different cuisines within 5 miles.
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