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  1. I remember going Gefilte fishing as a boy with my father. Nothing quite like reeling in a 15 lb Gefilte.
  2. No, not the remote. Just dont throw any toothpicks in the toilet; crabs can pole vault out.
  3. It’s apparently changed since I’ve dined there, but this could certainly make it worth the return.
  4. We cruised Brilliance 9 years ago, and it was immaculate; we loved it.
  5. I went on a camping trip and woke up with fire ants on my junk once; I think that’s worse.
  6. Yes. We got a lightening digital av adapter for our iPhone (hdmi) and used it to watch movies on the flat screen in the cabin on Navigator.
  7. I see your ‘geez’ and raise you a ‘fer cryin’ out loud.’
  8. I’ve stepped in gum before on a hot day, and it really ticked me off.
  9. True, but the sniping certainly makes for good reading.
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