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  1. We enjoyed the thermal suite on our Caribbean Cruise. It was a great space to relax and escape the crowds on our Spring Break cruise.
  2. Absolutely! Worth every penny! (At least it was on the Epic.)
  3. Good Lord! Looks like someone set up camp!
  4. We didn’t sign up for either. This is our first cruise ever and I was overwhelmed with just planning our excursions, dining, and shows! Hopefully if we cruise again I will be comfortable enough to plan for the social gatherings too!
  5. We are going to have a great time next week! I can’t wait!
  6. Helping my husband pack for our April 13 cruise this evening....trying to color coordinate his outfits with my dresses for our fancier nights and he asks, “are you going to make me order drinks to match our clothes?” 😂 I hadn’t thought about it, but what a great idea!
  7. Thanks for the positive review! I’ve been trying to stay positive about our upcoming cruise on the Epic. We will be on the April 13th cruise celebrating my 50th Birthday. I was a bit nervous about scheduling during my birthday week because of Spring Break, so I got a Spa Balcony room hoping to have a quiet place to escape some of the crowds. It will he our first cruise and we are really excited! I’m a terrible cook, so I’m sure we will be thrilled with the food! 😂
  8. I’m a long way from “freaking out”. Didn’t mean for it to come across like that.
  9. I’m not sailing till April, so hopefully I’ve got time to see how this is playing out and go from there.
  10. I sure hope that if this is their plan they will let people know soon so we can make informed decisions about our upcoming cruises.
  11. Sorry your cruise has been interrupted, but glad you are keeping a positive attitude about it!
  12. I had the same problem. I finally just called and made my reservations by phone. I’m still a little concerned because the dining reservations for my specialty restaurants are not showing up on My NCL. They were there at first and then gone. I did get a confirmation email with reservation numbers, so hopefully they will be expecting us when we show up.
  13. I was not able to make my specialty dining reservations online. I waited until today (the 90 day mark) and finally just called NCL. I was easily able to make my reservations by phone. I had no problems with entertainment or shore excursions booking online. Not sure what the problem was with dining, but a simple phone call resolved the issue.
  14. I was not able to reserve any of the specialty restaurants online. I never had any problems booking shore excursions and shows. I called this morning and made my reservations by phone. I had to wait on hold for quite awhile, but the representative was very helpful and I now have all of my reservations squared away. Now the hard part...waiting another 90 days!
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