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  1. Starts midnight Monday 16th, US citizens allowed to return home, but can see issue with flights!
  2. Oh that's a shame ☹ hope you get something else sorted.
  3. Hi, I have just booked the new Alaska sailing on the 30th April on the Millennium to replace our cancelled Asia cruise! Booked Aqua for the first time as same price as a balcony? Booked deck 11 1114? Can't find much about this cabin other than no over hang on the balcony? Is this a bad idea? Hubby didn't like the look of the large over hang on deck 9? Also if we book the 5 night cruise before ours to join up and we book the same cabin, can we just stay there or do we have to disembark? Never done it before? Do they link it? Oh and can you change you cabin online? Booke
  4. Is there a way I can book these from the the UK, do you know if a U.S. agent has them? They are double the price on the UK website! Would of been nice if they had offered them to those of us on the cancelled Asia cruises!
  5. They are showing a lot higher in the UK? Approx $2,400 for veranda, Aqua or concierge? 🙁 Would have been nice if they had given those cancelled the chance book first too!
  6. Thank you. Was hoping for March as have 3 weeks leave to fill from the cancelled Asia :(.
  7. My exact thoughts when we got our email tonight! Exactly what you were told on board? Even down to where the ship was relocating too! 😏
  8. The one before the 14th is the 29th February? The next sailing on the Millennium, at the moment anyway?
  9. Yes you can. They are happy to work with Brits. However, depending on the cruise line some will add a hefty surcharge to bookings from the UK, Holland America being one? They will tell you up front if that is the case though, plus taxes etc are not shown on the search price like they are in the uk? We've used them in the past and had no issues.
  10. Thank you for your reply, I must have got totally confused ! I thought there was a steak restaurant too? Is the sushi on 5 included in the dining packages?
  11. Hi, we have just booked last minute on the Millennium for March, very last minute for us!! I can't see any availability for anything except the Tuscan Grill for the 14 nights? Is there likely to be anymore availability when we get on board? Was hoping to get the dining package but seems little point now? There is only 8.30 sitting left too?
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