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  1. We received this email today for our upcoming cruise on Saturday on Spectrum. Dear Guest, Thanks for booking the Ultimate Dining Package for your upcoming cruise. We wanted to let you know about some recent enhancements we’ve made to this package! First things first, the Ultimate Dining Package is now known as the Unlimited Dining Package, and it’s just that, unlimited. Now, you can dine at any of our specialty dining venues for lunch and dinner, and as many times as you want! Your appetite is the limit. Some other great benefits include: Discounts on bottles of wine! 40% off of bottles under $100 USD and 20% off of bottles over $100 USD. You thirsty yet? Note: Discount only applies when dining on your using your package. Savings on exclusive dinging experiences: 20% off when booking Chef’s Table and any Culinary Experiences onboard. Plus, now Playmakers (available on select ships) has been added to the line-up of venues. You’ll get a $35 credit to use since this venue is a la carte. We hope you’re as excited as we are about these changes. We know they’ll take your inner “foodie” experience to another level. And as a friendly reminder, we’ll book a courtesy dinner reservation for your first night, and once onboard you can alter it to fit your schedule. Then, the rest of your dining reservations can be made onboard. We look forward to welcoming onboard soon!
  2. Thanks for that Twangster. I followed the process but it worries me that I might not be able to restore it back to ship's functionality so I will probably pass and watch endless episodes of I Love Lucy 😐. Thanks again.
  3. I will be sailing on the Spectrum of the Seas very soon and would like to know whether anyone who has travelled on a newer ship has had any success in connecting a laptop to the stateroom TV via HDMI lead. Does Royal Caribbean still disconnect the HDMI port on their TVs?
  4. Thanks for the review. Was the Dubai Mall shuttle easy to find at the terminal, did you need tickets and were the queues long. We will be coming into Dubai on the Spectrum of the Seas in May and would like to see as much as possible during the two days we are there. Your review was really helpful. Thanks
  5. Bee Guy - thanks for that info. I was becoming confused over the different categories of cabins now available but the charts you gave the link to explain everything perfectly.😀
  6. Thanks very much for that information.
  7. Anyone know who is going to be CD on Spectrum of the Seas?
  8. We are stopping in Aqaba for the day on Spectrum of the Seas and are considering taking the ship's 5 hour tour to Wadi Rum. It's not clear from the description whether we just go there, eat at the touristy Beduoin camp and then return to the ship or, as other tours do, allow us time to take the 4x4 tour around Wadi Rum to see the sights. Has anyone ever been on the Royal Caribbean tour and can offer their experiences good or bad? Thanks.
  9. Just to be clear, nobody mentioned lying. I am sure their intentions were good but it simply hasn't resulted in the bookings being unlinked. I have emailed ChoiceAir for an explanation.
  10. Thanks for your replies. I have tried every combination of dates to try to get ChoiceAir's website to continue with a flight booking but I keep getting "ineligible- back to back booking" I too have booked many back to back cruises and ChoiceAir flights and never had this problem but I know from this site that some others have. The solution is for Royal Caribbean to unlink the two cruises to allow me to book ChoiceAir and this is where the problem lies. They say they have done it and they clearly haven't. Very frustrating but I will continue trying to get a resolution.
  11. I am having great difficulty making an online flight booking on ChoiceAir's website. I keep getting "ineligible - back to back booking" and cannot proceed any further. I know, from this very helpful site, that it is possible to unlink the two bookings to allow flights to be booked and then relink them afterwards. I really want to book the flights online rather than by phone as I know to my cost that the latter can be prone to errors. So far, this is what I have done: 1. I phoned my TA to ask her to unlink the bookings to allow me to use ChoiceAir. She came back later to say RCL advised me to phone ChoiceAir to book my flights. 2. I phoned the Crown and Anchor CS desk to ask whether unlinking the bookings was a viable option. I was assured it was but I had to go back to my TA to do it. 3. Asked my TA to go back to RCL and insist that my bookings are unlinked. She replied later to say that RCL had now unlinked the bookings but wait up to 24 hrs to take effect. 4. 24 hrs later bookings still linked. I phoned C&A CS desk again who apologised and said the unlinking "had not been completed" and after consulting with resolution dept. came back to confirm that the bookings were now unlinked but I must wait up to 24 hrs to take effect. 5. 24 hrs later bookings still linked. I emailed TA to ask her to sort it out. 6. 12 hrs later, no response from TA. So I just wondered whether anyone else has had this frustrating experience and how, or if, they managed to resolve it. ChoiceAir have some very good one way flights at the moment that I really want to book and if necessary, I will phone them, but I would much rather keep control of the whole process and do it myself online. Any help or advice appreciated.
  12. On Spectrum in May UDP is offered at $18 per day ($252 for 14 nights)
  13. That's interesting. I always used to be able to hold a cabin online but I can't seem to find the point during booking to do this now. I must be missing something. Perhaps you could tell me how you do this. Thanks
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