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  1. Glad the CDC is differentiating between those who are vaccinated and those that aren't. Much more reasonable and I'm sure the cruise lines are glad to see this. I was planning to cancel my cruise in January had the prior rules from the CDC been executed forcing those of us that are vaccinated to have to where masks everywhere and forcing us to have to take cruise excursions rather than take independent excursions or just walking around a port. Bravo!
  2. Thank you CDC for more reasonable rules for those of us who are vaccinated. Looking forward to returning to cruising again! Don't need to cancel our 2 week cruise in late January!
  3. https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-a/news/6095/?et_cid=3428455&et_rid=16734641&et_referrer=RCI Party Data Do you think people are making this up?! Geesh!
  4. While the best reason to get the vaccine is to protect yourself and others, I do think that these types of rules for those that like to cruise along with being hesitant to get the vaccine to begin with is problematic. Basically the message is, even if you get vaccinated, you still have to live by the rules of those that aren't. Part of the reason I am so against the latest from the CDC is we cruise for many reasons but one is to meet new people. So much for that. And we also like to decide whether we go on an excursion or just decide to walk around the port instead of being told that we either stay on the ship or go on a ship excursion. For us, that is unacceptable. There should be a set of rules for cruises with fully vaccinated crews and travelers if the cruise line decides that is in their best interest to be able to sail and there should be more stringent rules for cruise lines that decide they will sail with crew and travelers that are not vaccinated. To force the same rules on both vaccinated and non-vaccinated is not reasonable in my opinion. It may just be me, but it sure seems like the CDC is trying very hard to destroy the cruise industry with making the rules so strict to make it difficult for the cruise lines and the cruisers.
  5. The highlighted is never going to happen! If I am on a cruise with fully vaccinated crew and travelers, then these face mask rules are stupid. To not make exceptions for fully vaccinated crew and travelers on a cruise is ridiculous.
  6. No, this is beyond making sure we are safe and healthy. And as I mentioned earlier, we are fully vaccinated so it is stupid that those of us that are vaccinated would need to wear a stupid mask everywhere! So it is my opinion it is stupid. The fact we are vaccinated shows that we care about being safe and healthy.
  7. Have any of you seen this yet: https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-a/news/6095/?et_cid=3428455&et_rid=16734641&et_referrer=RCI Party Data Supposedly this is in place through October 2021 but we have a 2 week cruise in January 2022 and I am going to cancel. My wife and I are fully vaccinated and we are not going to go on a cruise having to where masks everywhere except in our cabin! And apparently, if I read it correctly, the CDC is saying that you can't have your mask off for an extended dining period so I assume the expect us to put our mask on while chewing and can take it off while putting food in our mouths. Maybe I interpreted that incorrectly so looking for others thoughts. And we aren't going to accept that we have to go on ship excursions, particularly when we like to just get off and walk around in ports we've been to before. These restrictions I think are just too strict for the cruising industry and I find that sad. Much stricter than on land restaurants, bars and movie theatres. All I can do is shake my head in disappointment as cruising is our favorite way to travel. Guess we keep doing land travel until this stupidity is over.
  8. So, only photos of my wife and I are included, not with the rest of my family. Not worth the cost then in my opinion. I'll bring my nice camera and take photos of my entire family instead of take them with the cruise line. Thanks.
  9. Hi fellow Princess cruisers! My wife, myself and my family are booked on the Enchanted Princess cruise to the Western Caribbean in Jan 2021 to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary so there will be 11 of us altogether. If my wife and I purchase the photo package, do the rest of my family have to? Will our package cover all photos involving our party or just my wife and I? I know on a previous cruise we had the package and though we met some friends on the cruise and they were part of our traveling party, we still were able to get photos with them and they were included in our package. I don't want to assume that will be the case this time so I am asking my good friends on this forum if they might know the answer. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your thoughts on our options. Leaning towards staying in downtown LB and taking a transport to the World Cruise Center on Saturday morning. Have never been to LB and would like to spend some time there.
  11. Thanks Bruin Steve. We will land in LBG at 11:25am so we actually would have the afternoon and evening before the cruise leaves the next day. Having been in San Pedro before, there really isn't much there but sounds like we could spend an afternoon and evening in Long Beach before taking a shuttle to the cruise port next morning. Do you think it is worth getting a hotel in Long Beach if we are arriving just before noon the day before or do you still think it best to just get over to San Pedro. I do currently have a reservation at the Doubletree in San Pedro but can cancel and book a hotel in Long Beach if we decide to spend the day/night there.
  12. We are cruising on the Royal on January 18 to the Mexican Riviera and prefer flying into a small airport like Long Beach rather than into LAX. Southwest Airlines has great airfare at the moment from Denver to Long Beach and it is lower than flying into LAX. Here are my questions: 1) Should we stay in Long Beach the night before and then get transported to the World Cruise Center the next morning or once we land in Long Beach, stay in a hotel near the World Cruise Port in San Pedro? 2) I believe the Long Beach airport is closer to San Pedro than LAX, correct? We have flown into LAX for a cruise out of San Pedro before and it was quite a distance and we booked a private car to take us from LAX to San Pedro and back. Thanks for your input on my questions in advance.
  13. Thank you all for your input. I think we will go to a bank ATM in London nearest to your hotel to withdraw some cash but plan to put most of our expenditures on a major credit card. I don't feel the need to purchase local currency prior to landing in London.
  14. Hi everyone. Our 8 day cruise around the British Isles that includes the optional Tattoo is coming up quickly (8/17). We will be visiting Helier, Miflord Haven, Wales, Dublin, Ireland and Invergordon and Edinburgh Scotland. Most of my expenses will be paid for via credit card but for smaller purchases with cash, will all we need to have is British Pounds or will we need Euros as well? Also, Any recommendations on how much currency I should get for those who have done this cruise or something similar would be greatly appreciated. We are going to London a week before the cruise that leaves our of Dover so we will definitely be getting a few hundred in British Pounds. But will having just British Pounds be enough for cash purchases in Wales, Ireland and Scotland? Thanks in advance for your input!
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