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  1. I just saw on the RCCL blog that the pier completion date has been moved to January, 2019. :( <sigh>
  2. Yes, they are not known for the most current information on their website. Their agents are not much better with current...correct...information, I've learned. At least I know I can cancel the cabana if we learn we are tendering...though we really want to spend the day on the island. (Though I have to wonder if there will be lots of construction noise from all the work they are doing on "Royal World" theme park.:evilsmile:)
  3. We are on Mariner in November (11/12), and due to stop in CocoCay. I have mobility issues, and not a fan of tendering. We booked a cabana because we were told the pier would be finished. :cool: <fingers crossed>
  4. I also didn't see the beds listed. I am thinking they no longer offer them. Doubt they are sold out as early as I was checking.
  5. Excellent information. Right now, RCCL Cruise planner is not showing the beds, though I've seen folks talk about them. I like the cabana, with everything included. Have to decide if I want to pay that money. (But it would be nice, quiet and relaxing. And it's reserved!) Thanks!
  6. That is a concern. But we won't be there until November, so I think the dock with be complete, at least...so no tendering.
  7. Thanks. Good information. Definitely don't want to spend $200 for a cabana. (I've seen photo, and they look awesome) The lounger we saw on RCCL site was about $40, not $125. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks. This map is helpful. I'll see if I can get some more precise locations from my RCCL Cruise Consultant.
  9. I'm with you. I would gladly spend the money (It's less than $20) for the lounger, especially since my DH is red-headed and fair skinned. Can't tan...just burns. LOL
  10. That's kinda my question. I don't know if we need it or not; never been to the island, and not sure about the chairs or shade. These loungers have covered tops, so they are protective...especially if we couldn't find needed shade. Thanks! (y)
  11. RCCL lists two Coco Cay “excursions” that we like for ourupcoming cruise on Mariner, in November. One is the Beach Lounger for Two, and the other is All DaySnorkeling at Your Leisure. Ideally, we’d book both, so we could snorkel, then have a nice, covered spot to rest...out of the sun. :cool: But since we’ve never to Coco Cay, we don’t know if these two are even close to one another. It wouldn't be useful to snorkel, then have to walk across the island to rest in our lounger. (I have mobility issues.) Can we...should we...book both?
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