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  1. I love cruise critic for this reason, all my questions answered, and great tips along the way.
  2. Thanks to who ever started this thread, we were able to cash in on it.
  3. I would love to know the answers to those same questions. Thanks
  4. Can I use my onboard credit to play in a slot tournament in the casino? How about bingo?
  5. Is there a different layout for cabins that sleep 2, 3 or 4? Wondering about the size and location of couch. Is the couch smaller if it is a room for 2? We would rather not take up room with the couch. Also location of the bed, we would rather have the bed by the balcony, not by the closet. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to know this information? Thanks!
  6. Do you know if it is the same size couch when it is a sleeper? We only have 2 in the room and would rather have the extra room than a larger couch. Thanks for the reply
  7. Does anyone know if the bed placement on the Edge cabin 11240 would be by the balcony or the closet? Thanks for any info.
  8. If we pick traditional early dining, will we have a choice as to which of the four restaurants we are seated in? If I want to purchase a specialty dining package is it best to buy now, or wait till we get onboard. Is there ever any special pricing on packages offered? Thanks, Cheryl
  9. We are taking our second cruise on Celebrity, the first on the Edge. (We have done lots of cruising, most on RCCL) I am wondering if someone can fill me in on what I need to know and what I need to do before boarding the ship. 1. What I have read, dinning seems to be different. There are 4 restaurants? If I book early or late dinning, which restaurant will I be in? Will the restaurant change nightly? 2. Dinner on the magic carpet, is that available every night? Can I make reservations before boarding? 3. If we do select dinning can times be reserved before boarding? 4. As for dinning times, are most show times at 7:00 and 9:00? Would like to have the option to see them. 5. We have booked a concierge class cabin, only because the price was right. We are Elite because of all the sailings on RCCL, so I am not sure we will need any of the perks. Is anything offered to concierge class that is not offered to Elite? 6. I noticed there are a few concierge cabins available near what I think is sky suites? They seem to stick out further than other cabins. Just wondering if the cabins right next to them would have an obstructed view. 7. Has anyone ever rented a cabana by the pool? Is it worth it? I hate fighting for pool chairs, it would be nice to have on a sea day. I like to be in the sun, do we have that option if we are in a cabana? 8. Is there anything else I have not thought of that needs to be done before boarding the ship, (reservations for anything). I would hate to not do everything I could before hand to make the cruise more enjoyable. Thank you in advance to all you Celebrity experts that can give me any information.
  10. Yes that would be nice, I don't know how to tweet.
  11. If you have the drink package will you be able to use it on the private island?
  12. Does anyone know much about MSC private island? I have been to Labadee, RCL private island. How does it compare? Does MSC have any perks on the island for yacht club cabins? If you have the drink package does that also work on the private island? Can't wait to see it. Thanks, Cheryl
  13. Thanks for all the information. Now we are thinking of going on Seaside inside cabin in the yacht club. We can go for 2 weeks instead of one. I am a little nervous about going in an inside cabin, but I love the thought of 2 weeks, and being in the yacht club.
  14. We are cruising for the first time on MSC, thinking of booking a deluxe suite in the Yacht Club. First of all, is the yacht club worth the extra money? I am most interested in avoiding the crowds, especially at the pool. I thought I read the yacht club has its own pool, if so, is it also crowded? Second I was looking at the size of the deluxe suites and they look smaller than a regular suite on the ship. Also some of the suites look to be different size or shape, wondering which is biggest or best? 15032, 15030, 15026, 16032, 16001? Better to be on deck 15 or 16? Sorry for all the questions, but I know there is someone out there with all the answers. Thanks, Cheryl
  15. We went on a b2b2b2b2b, 67 days. I did a lot of research and got very creative to make use of all our cabin space. We used 2 magnets to hang a dowel which we used for more closet space. Hung a plastic hanger with 24 clothes pins that I used for drying under garments or swim suites. Had an over the door shoe storage, and a shelf hung from a magnet. It was our home away from home. 😀 Untitled_Message(1).zip Untitled_Message(2).zip Untitled_Message(3).zip
  16. Does the Jewel of the Sea still have a concierge lounge or has it been changed to a suite lounge? Just wondering if being D+ I will still have a choice of which lounge to use, or if I only have access to the diamond lounge. Thanks, Cheryl
  17. Just wondering what the suite perks are for the Jewel. I know on Mariner class they have pool chairs reserved for suite guests, is this the same on Jewel? Are there special dining options for breakfast and lunch? Thanks for any info.
  18. I am now over 340 points, so I think I get another gift choice. I can't seem to find a list of what is offered, or how to change the gift I am getting now. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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