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  1. Hotels along Beltway 8 in the Greenspoint area will not have anything to walk to nor would you want to walk there. It's not a great area. Hotels off US59 and the FM1960 area also won't have much to walk to but it's a much better area and there are lots of food choices. There are sidewalks so you *could* walk it but like others have said, this is a car place. Not many people walk anywhere so things are very spread out. What hotels are you considering? I am very familiar with the area and can steer you away from the worst ones if you want.
  2. I didn't realize there were ever plans for a cruise terminal out of Houston. That would be less photogenic than Galveston!
  3. FYI - If you are willing to forego the canvas, the photos are about $13 a piece for the digital versions and you can get as many as you want. That's what we did and had them printed at CVS. I'm sure you could get a canvas print from a third party at home as well.
  4. Same here. Much like OP, we used a credit card that isn't used for anything else to pay off the balance when we got there and have had no other charges to the card since. It's been 7 weeks. Something is really amiss if the website sometimes allows for PayPal and sometimes allows for credit card use directly.
  5. The water park was open when we first got around to it on embarkation day. I didn't pay attention to the exact time but it was before sail away.
  6. We sailed on the Vista in June and didn't have any issues. The worst we observed was the door handle to our cabin restroom was a little loose.
  7. We never could find the table to sign up so I went to Guest Services and the Carnival rep was able to sign us up in about 30 seconds.
  8. Yes, it's $14 a person and yes, you walk up and pay. My family did this in June.
  9. The day we spent at the beach in Mahogany Bay was the best day of any vacation my family has ever had. Don't lose the opportunity on fear. It was awesome.
  10. I would recommend a pair of flip flops to keep close by. I didn't see anyone have issues in the water works area itself but I saw several people (children and adults alike) slip when going to the slides. One poor little girl fell backwards and hit her head. And I agree that at certain times the deck will be very hot. Both my son and I were very uncomfortable walking to the slides with our bare feet. We started wearing flip flops and carrying them down the slides with us. Water shoes would be harder to get on and off for the slides.
  11. I don't mind having a communal container of butter but I agree that the current crock isn't a good design. I think it would be better to have it be wider and shallower rather than narrower and taller like it is now. I observed the same thing several others have in that people get butter on their hands when the crock is less than half full. I think a different design of crock would be much better. But I really like the idea of piping butter into individual portions. That fixes everything.
  12. They are providing a service so they expect a tip. It's no different than being a server or bar tender.
  13. Let me add that I think it could be a better experience overall had we been prepared. We only brought 1 small bottle of water with us (for 3 people) because we thought it would be air conditioned and that we would have the opportunity to purchase more for the ride back. That wasn't the case. If we were properly hydrated it would have been much better. So if you go, bring plenty of water for each person. That will help tremendously. It's still a very fun experience to tube through the caves!
  14. AI usually includes soft drinks, virgin smoothies, and bottled water and that can add up pretty quickly as well. We chose to do Mr. Sancho's AI even though we aren't big drinkers and had out 6 year old with us because the math still worked out to be cheaper for us. If you think about a $10 appetizer, $15 meal, a couple bottles of water at $1 a piece, a couple sodas at $3 a piece, an $8 dessert, you're already at $41 per person. If you get hungry again after a couple hours and want another entree or decide to get a smoothie you're close to the cost of AI anyway. So for us it made it worth it. Just something to think about.
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