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  1. So many recommending Cortrans. What makes them better than GoPort? Cortrans is $20, GoPort is $15. So for a family of four, it's $40 more to go with Cortrans.
  2. Yeah, after reading Andrew's post, I booked one for $499 for March 2020.
  3. When are you going in March? We are on Harmony on March 8th. I see water park Cabanas are $499. Is that a good deal? So that would be $2,000 for a family of four? Ok...2nd edit. I'm confused. The website says that pricing is per cabana, not per person - but when I try to add the cabana to my cart, it requires that I select all four people in my family and each are charged $500. So is it $500 or $2,000 for the cabana?
  4. Where do you see that promo? I still see the free at sea promo on the ncl website. I booked a free at sea cruise, but I'm not a big drinker and don't need the specialty dining, so I'm wondering if this promo might work out better. Thanks.
  5. To piggy back off of this thread - I was going to book two of the Soda + Internet packages. I think they were around $22/day. Because the drink package is included, I should select one for each passenger, correct? Also - that package includes the Voom + Stream, right? Thanks!
  6. This is the exact type of info I was looking for - thanks so much. Sounds like the advanced sessions are a thing of the past. I'll take your advice - I'll skip the first open ice session and take the boys down at another time later in the week when its hopefully not as busy and let them use the "rental" skates. Probably not worth the luggage space to drag our skates down from Canada for this. We'll be flying, so luggage space and weight are a big factor. Thanks again.
  7. Sorry about that. I tried to edit the original post, but it doesn't seem to want to let me, so this is the relevant info I read. And yes, it's from an article four years ago - so the advanced sessions may no longer be an option. Oh well. There are advanced sessions for skilled skaters If you happen to be one of those ice skaters that has been doing it for a while and are quite good, be sure to check out the advanced sessions. These special open rink times are for seasoned ice skaters and in these sessions, guests can try to do special moves and skate faster than normal. Keep in mind that for advanced skating, skaters must bring their own ice skates.
  8. Hello, We are on Harmony of the Seas in March and I think it would be neat to go for a skate while at sea. My sons (8&6) and I all play hockey, so we are not beginners. I have read that there is "advanced sessions" for those who bring their own skates. Is that still the case? It's hard to find much info about it online. Also, how many advanced sessions would there be on a 7 day cruise with 3 sea days? If we could go out 2 or 3 times for 30 minutes or so, it would probably make lugging our skates in our bags worth it. I know the ice is small but as I said, it's more about the novelty than anything. Thanks! Edit: This is where I read about the advanced sessions and bringing your own skates. Looks like the info is a couple of years old. https://www.*****.com/2015/10/08/5-things-know-about-ice-skating-royal-caribbean-cruise
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