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  1. freaking Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could see this coming. Biden has made it perfectly clear for those that want to see it. Keep throwing cover.....
  2. You ROCK. Your answers are ALWAYS detail specific and concise. Keep up the great work and thank you.
  3. what is the ceasars rewards discount? My wife and I regularly gamble at caesars and everyother casino....lol. We were at caesars in vegas in July. 2020
  4. you do SEE what I highlighted in YOUR above quote. It is like agreeing to buying a house, getting all the documents completed, but just have not SIGNED everything at the closing office. The financing was SECURED!!!! NCL isn't going bankrupt.
  5. Gradin123, are those the grades you completed??? the financing was completed, when you wrote this, and Bankruptcy doesn't just mean close the doors. There are many different chapters and restructuring is the first. Get real!!!!
  6. Me too....i called recently and was told, Sir, it has only been 45 days or so....you still need to wait 45 more day.......UUUUGGGGHHHHH
  7. Our cruise on the Bliss on March 15 was obviously cancelled, and after the 28th, I was able to fill out my refund request. Did so promptly, and got a CHEESY AF reply of we received your request.....no email comfirmation or any type of number, just We recieved your request reply screen after I submitted........STILL NOTHING. I have called and the lady said, well sir, you are only at about the 45 day mark, you still need to wait at least 45 more days.....*****. Horrible Customer service, and I realize it was not her doing specifically.....but I feel the company needs to better equip their employees with more legitimate information.
  8. https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions
  9. Disney would go WAYYYYY before NCL. NCL weathers this storm. Actually, all the Cruise lines survive in some way shape or form. Some may merge, that would be my guess.
  10. I am also at the $19 average after I bought enough to get me to the 100 share mark. Lets keep hoping and praying...LOL. Time will tell, and if we ever hit the 55ish mark, I'm up 4K with 100 OBC every cruise. works for me.
  11. So have you quarantined yourself for the last 14 days? What is your point? You cant live your life in a bubble. Jesus, I would imaginw right now Cruise Ships are probably cleaner than most hospitals. Like I said, I hope you enjoy your future cruise, but MTFO and let us enjoy OUR cruise. Stop fanning the flames of rumors, mystics and snake-oil salesmen. What do you know that we don't?
  12. Who gives A F what other cruise lines are doing. If you arent going on your cruise, so be it. Why are you rushing to ruin my vacation. My wife and I are healthy, and willing to take our chances. Move along and STOP LOOKING TO FAN THE FLAMES. Go troll somewhere else! How many people have died from the REGULAR flu.....Sheep.
  13. Jude, you coming to the Meet & Greet? Slot pull? Hometown Gift Exchange??? See you next Sunday... WOOOO HOOOOO.. 7 more day!
  14. March 15....ill let you know if we do and where and how it was.
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