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  1. Hi All, Does anyone have a current list or photos of the Menus that are currently aboard the Epic. Also any Daily's you might be able to upload would be awesome...Thanks in advance. Leaving in 19 Days, and IT CANNOT COME QUICK ENOUGH!!!
  2. I never put my passenger card in there...i put an old business card in there and leave it there for the week....Nothing unusual about that. I think probably 90+% of the cruisers do that. You actually use your Sailaway card? THAT is what is unusual...Lol
  3. exactly.....Traitor....should be a red sox fan!!!! Be safe Gentlemen.
  4. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Crusises have gone WAAAAAYYYYY down in my opinion.
  5. i am enjoying reading her review....but, I have to say, My wife and I just got off of the Escape the week after Jamie.....actually yesterday and we LOVED La Cuchina.....and the Beef Tenderloin and the Osso Bucca was INCREDIBLE....but neither of those compared to dessert...the Panna Cotta was OUT OF THIS WORLD....sit on the waterfront if the weather allows....BEAUTIFUL!!!! now, I have to go back to where I left off on Jaimies review.....lol.
  6. I say..... 1.Escape....just what a cruise embodies....will win hands down! 2. Breakaway....very pretty and Peter Max is CLASSIC TIMELESS and HUGE! 3.Getaway....Solid 4.Joy, but could have been bliss in this spot, if it had more artwork midship with more fish. 5.Bliss....see above. 6.Encore....THIS SHIP ART IS HORRENDOUS....really??? just my opinions.
  7. we lined up about 830.....the time for our self chosen color coded DE timeframe. MJKACMOM, cruiseport and customs has nothing to do with NCL making us go Fore to Aft to Fore all zigzagging thru the ship......But, I do agree NYC Passenger Terminal and customs share the blame for only having like 6 lanes open for Customs and Immigration.... Like I said, I dont like to complain, but it was very unnecessary to DE like that.
  8. 😣 Was anyone else part of the DISASTER disembarking the Escape on 10/28/2018? Oh my God, it was AWFUL....From the front of the ship to the back winding through the Casino floor, thru the Manhattan room dining room , Seriously zigzagging back toward the front of the ship, zigzagging through Osheehans and then to only have ONE lady scanning Keycards to get off....dont get me started on the gangway and the Customs Portion.....THIS WAS AN EPIC FAIL. shame on you Norwegian. ps...i HATE complaining, so on a positive note, other than the weather, which NCL cant control, the rest of the SHIP, STAFF and CASINO were great. Food was decent to Better in the specialty restaurants. The ports of call were GREAT....weather could have been better in Port Canveral, but hey, NCL cant control that either. STAFF WAS FANTASTIC as usual. Looking forward to the Dawn in March, just hoping DE goes better. Let me know your thoughts if you were on the ship!
  9. I was wondering the same thing.....I still havent heard anything and have placed two upgrade bids.....both on the poor side, but hey, worth a shot. We leave this Sunday out of New York headed to Bahamas on the Escape.
  10. Can anyone confirm that the Escape for October 21 to Port Canaveral and GSC and Nassau is sold out? Ive looked online in multiple places and ways and it appears so.....was just trying to get confirmation..... Regards, ;)
  11. absolutely it shows how many of them are available. not certain how correct the numbers are, but I am able to drop down and see how man rooms are available as it lets me choose what cabin number if i want. Just checked 4 mins ago, and it only shows 2 spa balcony rooms left for my particular cruise.
  12. OK, so i ended up doing some research and googled it (God, I love google......but anyways...) and came across a place that I will say is SOOOO much more than a booking site, it actually tracks the ships and shows you their current location and itinerary and ALL KINDS OF SHIP Info. It is a place that you can google yourself. Look for Sea Scanner and figure out the rest....i cant actually put the site or link here. But thank you all for your input. Chat soon.
  13. Hi all, Is there a way that YOU use to check to see what category of rooms and quantity available left are? I was wondering what is the easiest to see if a particular cruise is close to capacity or even if there might be "neighbors"....lol. Let me know how you guys do it please. ;);)
  14. can I buy them ahead of time, or do I have to wait until we get on the ship?
  15. Speaking of Spa passes, are they worth it. I would like to see and experience the Salt room and the Ice room, just not sure how the whole passes things work. Is it a weekly charge, or a daily charge or can you do an Ala Cart kind of deal??? 16 days until our trip on the Escape.
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