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  1. By the end of this year there will be enough Mrna vaccines to cover the whole population of Australia and only needing 3 weeks between jabs. So as long as they have lots of vaccine centres/pharmacies/gps giving them I think anyone who wants a vax can have one of their choice by the end of the year. So at that point it becomes a personal choice if those who don't get one still refuse so I am ok with having vax required for activities like cruises. Same like yellow fever. I understand that some people can't get vaccinated for whatever reason but before they are allowed to board, we need assu
  2. I don't mind FCC especially if they add a bit extra. We will def want to cruise as soon as it's open from our home port of Brisbane. I would not want the added stress of flying to a port. But I don't want to give them anymore money until a guaranteed departure date is on the books. What they will accomplish with dragging their feet is scaring people from making advance bookings and driving a last-minute only market because we don't trust them.
  3. Why is Princess dragging their feet? There is no way any cruise will happen in Australia in 2021. So why don't they cancel the season like every other cruiseline so we can get our credits or refunds? Our final payment is due 10 days before the official announcement of borders in 17 Sept-ish. I don't want to lose what we paid + cancellaion FCC from Sea Princess, let alone give them more money when they won't be allowed to operate.
  4. That is also kind of a worry. I would never spend this kind of money on a domestic cruise. I chose the PNG itinerary because I want to see those remote PNG islands. QLD coast is a road trip for us, not a cruise. I don't want to be forced to accept a changed itinerary or lose my deposit.
  5. We are also on that Coral PNG cruise. Yeah, no way is it happening, people are freaking out over some Melbourne couple who snuck into Qld and turned up positive. I know, bad move on them but it's more the freaking out that worries me than the bloody Covid. I wish Princess would just cancel and give us credits. We are in 20% cancellation fee stage now as of 31 May. 11 Sep is final payment day. This is so stressful!
  6. Maybe even use the cruise ships to repatriate stranded Aussies in Europe and Asia. They are facing extortionate flight prices and cancelled seats. It is not the most comfortable way, but I am sure it takes more than 14 days to sail from UK/Europe to Australia so if they don't have any port stops and they stay in their cabins, they could arrive already served their quarantine. They would have to stay in their cabins and have meal delivered contactless style. It they test negative on boarding and negative on arrival and various tests enroute, I don't see why they couldn't disembark and go ho
  7. The stats for the ports in PNG look good. https://covid19.info.gov.pg/index.php/2020/12/16/new-ireland-records-four-new-coronavirus-cases/ Yes, the PNG one in Nov. Alotau is Milne Bay, Rabaul is East New Britain and the others are tiny little islands. Very little Covid and certainly far less than Australia or NZ. I don't think this itinerary is risky at all. My guess is that PNG will welcome ships with vaccinated passengers who have been tested. They need the $$.
  8. I just called Princess and got everything done very quickly, a pleasant surprise! I upgraded us to the obstructed view and we still save around $500 on the whole booking plus got more OBC! I chose one which looks like it is in the gap between 2 lifeboats and had the lady mark us down to be upgraded if the opportunity arises. Still praying it goes ahead. I am confident that we will be vaccinated by then.
  9. It was booked after the Sea Princess cruise was cancelled (ship was sold) using normal fare $1868 interior. I just noticed obstructed ocean view at a good price. Do windows open to allow fresh air?
  10. The deal is available on my PNG cruise. How do I get them to refare? Will they do it with the existing deposit paid? I don't want to hand over any more cash.
  11. The rapid test could open another can of worms. I remember reading about (I think it was in Europe) that one passenger tested positive and everyone on the same shuttle bus was denied boarding whether they were with him or not. If Nov 2021 goes ahead, we will be driving to the terminal car park and walking to the ship. Hotel quarantine has to be off the cards too. Quarantine at home fine. If test results are an issue we would probably even stay home the 14 days before the cruise.
  12. I just watched it. I think experienced cruisers will take it with a grain of salt. It hasn't changed my mind about wanting to cruise as long as borders (and ports of call) won't get slammed shut on me. But it will definitely build anti-cruise public sentiment amongst the general population. Less than 3 weeks to QLD election, gotta keep up the scare-mongering! 🙄
  13. I'm more worried about what happens if even one person on the ship turns out [positive. Does the whole ship get quarantined? We will get the vaccines at the earliest possible time once they are ready. It's not that different to the yellow fever shot in the yellow book we always had so we could travel to Africa and South America. And I am hoping adding a Covid vaccine means that we are responsible for our own health irregardless of what happens to others on the cruise. 14 day hotel quarantine needs to be off the table in Australia. I don't mind if we have to quarantine at home but no
  14. Ours Oct cruise to PNG is cancelled. I am happy to rebook to Coral Princess PNG in Nov but I need that FCC first as I don't want to fork out any more cash.
  15. I got this email today............................... Today, Princess is announcing the sale of two of our ships, Sun Princess® and Sea Princess®. The sale of these vessels is in line with our parent company, Carnival Corporation’s plan to accelerate the removal of less efficient ships from its fleet. Due to the imminent departure of these two ships, your cruise holiday has been cancelled. Click here ❯ for full details. Sun Princess and Sea Princess contributed to significant growth in Australian cruising. Both ships defined the premium cruise experience with Australians and New Zeal
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