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  1. I ended up rebooking Jun 10th last week. Even though the price was higher, they honored my original booking price. The gentleman I was working with did suggest us booking June/July or later. Wonder if he knew this was announcement was coming?
  2. Thanks again Petoonya for this info. Got everything rescheduled today. WS did great by us and honored our original price, added some great perks and moved us to June 10th sailing. This date allowed us to switch our AA air to PPT and United back and only cost us $54 total in fair difference.
  3. We are biting the bullet and rescheduling our current Jan 7th, 2021, 7 day Tahiti cruise on Wind Spirit for later in the year. Thought about canceling the cruise and still go for a island hopping visit but the Windstar staff is being awesome about switching dates and mentioned that in Nov of 21, the Breeze will be there. That got us thinking, do we reschedule Apr-Oct on Spirit or wait and try Breeze? This will be our first Windstar cruise and first time in Tahiti. Looking for feedback on what people’s opinions are on the two ships – Pro’s/Con’s – which is the best for that area/cruise?
  4. Please let us know what you find out. I think you and I both have about 6-7 weeks before we have to make a final payment or cancel for Jan 21 cruise.
  5. Thanks Petoonya! I have not canceled my reservation yet. We really, really want to go and have the cruise, even being the first ones and the safety protocol being high with masks, distancing, etc. It's really Windstar and if they will cancel. If they do I just don't want it to be at the last minute after I have it non-refundable or cancelation penalties period for some things like pre/post hotels. I found the post you mentioned about them honoring your price for future bookings. The same poster was the one that helped me get my final payment date extended until 30 days out. It's goo
  6. I'm kind of in same situation, except we are on the very first Jan 7th, 2021 cruise. Got a great price on the cruise, still only have the deposit paid. With a tip from someone on the boards, I contacted Windstar and they extended my final payment date until 30 days before sailing. That was suppose to give late Oct and Nov to see how things were going on the first few cruises and make sure they weren't going to stop them or FP shut down again. I'm still on the fence. Looking at backup Plan B similar to yours. I've been watching some of the other travel boards and the land bas
  7. Aururab, can you help with what site/forum that is? I'm struggling to find a place in Phoenix, AZ that can get results back in time AND on the Tahiti Gov approved list. I've made dozens of calls and emails and no luck yet. My plan A right now for our Jan cruise is to fly out to LAX 2 days early and use the lab on the Air Tahiti Nui site in Hollywood. That's 2 extra nights in LA area on top of testing cost. Looking for a new plan A.
  8. I'm still researching, saw the same Dream Yacht Charters as an option. Also found some possibilities (not checked deeper into or reviews yet) on 12knots, tahititoursme.com, and poseidoncharters.com. This would be our first time going to Tahiti and most of the yacht cabin rentals leave from the outlining islands. You may already know but I discovered that Air Tahiti has multi-island pass options that appear to be about the same or less than what I was looking at for just PPT to Bora Bora round trip.
  9. Pre cruise we have the Intercontinental by the airport booked. I couldn’t find anything on Tahiti to use Marriott points for but you can go to www.useaamiles.com and use American Airline miles to book a hotel. Both my husband and I travel for work so we had lots of miles. I used AA miles for the airfare to PPT (Air Tahiti Nui is not part of the alliance but are partners) and the pre cruise hotel. We used Marriott points for Bora Bora (St. Regis) and splurged for an over the water bungalow the one night in port and used activities.marriott.com to book a half day lagoon sail. Return flight
  10. I did, they extended by final payment date till Dec 5th. We also used points for airfare and can get them back without penalty. I used our hotel perk for pre cruise room with no down payment and can cancel all the way up to 72 hours prior with no penalty. My pre booked Bora Bora excursion was done through Marriott Activities, again no worries, all refundable. We REALLY want to go, even if they cancel the cruise and Tahiti stays open. You make great points about the rebooking and cost. We got an amazing price as well and can’t get that later on in the year. I guess I will start rese
  11. Well I am conflicted. We are on the Jan 7th, Tahiti Cruise, IF they sail, we would be the first ones. This would be first time to Tahiti and we have never sailed Windstar before so we wouldn’t have anything to compare it too as far as pre/post sailing quality and any restrictions they put in place. Was really hoping that the fall sailings would give them time to work out the kinks and they would have everything figured out by Jan. I guess I will start looking at backup plans to just fly to Tahiti and island hop, see what that looks like or options to reschedule later in the year? Maybe bein
  12. We have used Viator in Italy and in Taiwan. Multiple times on each vacation. Always been a great experience and the quality of the tours were top notch. It also looks like Marriott has teamed up with Viator on their activities.marriott.com site. Prices of the tours are the same on either site but when you book on the Marriott activities site, you earn Marriott points that go to free night stays.
  13. We were able to use points to get to Tahiti and only needed to pay for the way back. UA from PPT to SFO $200 one way for Jan 2021.
  14. I wonder if you could call NCL and explain, especially since you booked prior to the category change and see if they will upgrade the 3rd cabin? Or allow them to have the same amenities as the other two? You want the family to be able to do things together and the way it was booked, you all were the same. You don’t want to leave one cabin out.
  15. We sail Nov 14th, was a CA 14778, now shows HI. From what my agent said and the web, looks like they only made the CA (now HI) and CB (now HJ) cabins Havens so added a total of 30 additional Haven cabins. CC, CF are now penthouse SC and family SP suites. The mini suites MA are now broken into 2 - M4 Fam Club balcony suite and MA Club balcony suite.
  16. I can’t find anything specific for Joy, but these are pictures of the Bliss, 11700 (listed as sister ship)and the same category. Might be similar?
  17. Sorry, there is a members and non member site, the public site has 70% the same info. https://cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/cruiseline.php?line=Norwegian
  18. I had not been following anything cruise related the last 6 weeks but just signed onto my account. We sail Nov 14th, and had a CA suite, my reservation is now saying Haven, HI category for our cabin now!!!!
  19. There are pictures from May 2019 showing a CA cabin with no pillar. From what I can tell, I think the CC and CB’s have the pillar and the CA’s do not, but don’t know for sure. Is there a specific cabin number you are interested in? Also says this, “Category CA is 420 square feet, CB is 355 square feet, CD and CE are 269 square feet.”
  20. Here is a video link for a CB cabin 14796. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/youtube.php?id=11256
  21. We will be traveling next November on the Joy in a CA cabin. Some people have posted pictures and videos on this site of the CA, CB and CC cabins on deck 14. Hope this helps. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Norwegian-Joy
  22. I have been searching the deck plans (current and future) for a chapel on the Norwegian Joy, cant seem to find one. We are cruising next November and my daughter is looking to have her wedding ceremony on the Joy during one of the days at sea. If there is no chapel, what about a nice library or any other suggestions for a beautiful place on the ship for a wedding ceremony?
  23. We were on the POA last Dec in 13020, aft facing suite, overlooking pool. There was some noise from the pool deck, you can hear the bands that play down there. That did not bother us. Our biggest issue is that you could see into our cabin from the adjacent 13 and 14th deck. Especially at night with the lights on in our cabin. If you want privacy, you have to draw the curtains. That being said, the balcony is the same way. It’s a trade off, those suites (SE) are a bit bigger but less privacy. “Category SE cabins are 394 to 410 square feet with additional188 square foot balcony. Category
  24. I saw the same and called my group reservation agent, we both played around with the web page and modifying our booking, even trying new ones. She filed a ticket with their IT to look at and confirmed this morning it is a glitch in the system. Some cruises are showing the past guest or Latitudes discount but mistake.
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