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  1. JulieJulie311

    Everglades boat tour

    I am on NCL
  2. JulieJulie311

    Everglades boat tour

    Looking for peoples experience with the debarkation day Miami Everglades tour. I am considering the one to FLL (only concern is its for flights after 4:30 and my flight is 4:17) Did people see alligators, etc? If you went to FLL after, What time did you get there? Thanks!
  3. JulieJulie311

    Closest Beach

    Thank you! I am leaning to Sapphire
  4. make sure they are the right day! I am so frustrated right now!!
  5. Still holding - its been 27 minutes... Noticed My flights are to Ft Lauderdale and should have been Miami. (Transfers between ship and airport are all Miami)
  6. Also - didn't get an email either - just was trying to figure out where the Bliss docks in St Thomas and tried to print them and they loaded
  7. So 67 days out and my edocs are ready with airfare on them (I last checked Fri am). I'm happy with my flight times - too bad they are the wrong day.... On hold 16+ mins so far..... the stress level is real. My itinerary portion of my edocs does show the correct itinerary - its just the tickets are issued for the wrong day. Fun times!
  8. JulieJulie311

    Closest Beach

    I am booked on the Power Cat Excursion on NCL that goes to Turtle Cove, Honeymoon Beach and one other snorkel spot. But - that gets us back to the ship at 1 and we are in port until 6. What is the closest beach? I have heard it might be Meaghan's Bay - but I do know that is about a half hour away. Can anyone suggest a closer beach? Or have better travel time estimates (is 30 mins right? Its a Tuesday... Do they have rush hour.. we would probably leave a t 4 to be safe...) Also - do they charge you to walk on the beach? TIA
  9. JulieJulie311

    Best excursion to Turtle Cove

    Hi there - looking for the best snorkel experience to go to Turtle Cove - NCL offers several that go, and I am open to private operators.... Suggestions please!
  10. I tried to see my edocs a couple days ago and they would not load -so I am guessing this is why? its not ready yet?
  11. Not until March 23, So hopefully we will have more details in a couple of weeks
  12. I'm guessing I will be on AA, because that's what flies out of Philly to Miami. I will just watch my EDocs like a hawk and hopefully be able to get us seated together.
  13. I heard this from NCL initially too. First I heard no. Then I heard for a fee 60 days out you make changes, but they could not tell me the fee. Then I found a PCC who hooked me up a day early with no extra charges. I used the Ncl hotel which was a great deal. Looks to be much nicer than what I would have picked for the same price
  14. I am a little worried - we have a 10 year old in tow and I feel bad for if he sits with strangers!
  15. If you book your hotel thru NCL and transfers they can do it a day out no change to the cost of the flight. Still very much a good deal for me (Although I haven't seen what my flights are yet!)