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  1. Was on the Rhapsody last last week. Was a bit disappointed in Bill. Very old-school CD, which would be really fine. But he hardly was around at all except for a Quiz or two and the 70's Disco. Mostly he sent his Activity Manager and/or his team. The same time last year we've had Elvis Pinto on the Rhapsody. He was great....he really rocked the boat. And was present a lot, great Zumba classes included (which he led).
  2. Hi, just came back from a Cruise on the Rhapsody (Greek Islands), after we loved the Rhapsody so much the year before. We already booked a Cruise on the Allure for September 2020. 7 Nights Mediterranean (from Barcelona to Mallorca, Provence, Pisa/Florence, Rome, Naples and back). The last time we've been on the Allure was back in 2011, so I'm excited to revisit her after her upcoming overhaul in November. But now for my real question. We booked the unlimited Dining package this cruise and were happy about it (except Chops Grille was closed for a private event the last night!). Too bad though we only had one cruising day and we only could spend one lunch at Izumi. So now I really wonder about the Allure and I hope somebody who was there recently can help me out: Do the specialty restaurants on the Allure close on port days as well for lunch? Or can I use may unlimited Dining package as well on some port days for lunch? Because I've been to Pisa, Florence and Rome several times and I might just wanna stay on the ship and enjoy the Allure to its fullest. But if all specialty restaurants close as well for lunch, I might have to rethink buying the unlimited package or not. It's also quite bad that when purchasing an unlimited package, you can't make reservations before the cruise online. That means some restaurants might be booked out when boarding. Happened to some passengers on this cruise. Thanks for any help!
  3. Hi, came back from our cruise and just wanted to give you some feedback about our experience. The shore excursion we booked worked out perfectly (on the ShoreBee website). Did cost us 15 Euros each. Departure on time at 8.30am with a boat directly from the port to the Oia port. From there a quick bus ride up to Oia. Arriving at around 9.45am. Then we had time to explore the town completely on our own. Buses back were at 11am, 12noon, 1pm and 2pm. No reservations needed, just show up about 15' before time. They have enough seats and busses ready for the transport to Fira (about 20'). From Fira back to the port you are on your own though (cable car or walking). We walked....took about only 30' and there weren't many donkeys around - it's end of season soon I guess. Great experience all around, well organised and on time. And for that price a real steal.
  4. After my return in mid-october I'll report back and let you know how it went.
  5. Hi, going on a Cruise in September / October this year. Not our first cruise, but it's been a while. And it'll be our first time in Santorini. Arrival is at 7am, departure at 5pm. I checked the shore excursions with independent time in Oia. But it will only give us 90min in Oia. And we really wanna spend more time there. There are busses and of course taxis from Fira to Oia. Which is the better option? Any company I could (or should) book in advance? I know the cable car up to Fira will take lots of our time, so I wonder if it is worth to travel on our own or is the shore excursion still the better option? Thanks for any help and advice!
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