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  1. With these posts I might book a cruise next year ...I Miss cruising so much
  2. Babies can go in the splash area but you have to take the diaper and swim diaper off and keep the swimsuit on incase I needed to write that lmfao
  3. How is it violating when they told me she couldn't have a swim diaper on and that it was okay but they told me just keep checking her which I did and put her on a new schedule of feeding so she wound that's accidents . They don't like the diapers or swim.diapers. They made the rules lol...take the diaper off and monitor your child .
  4. My daughter been cruising when she was like 9 months she was in the splash area and I had no problem. I just had to monitor her and realized that going to bathroom before the water activities is good then I don't have to check her as much. Just get the child on a schedule or just keep checking there are restrooms near by .
  5. Just follow the rules instead of going to port disappointed
  6. I like the idea of testing people because they are just trying to keep their country cases low instead of spreading the virus. Then people would know they got the virus while on the ship. Belize really saying they don't trust carnival reports they know it is business and numbers can be fabricated.
  7. "Currently, the price to rent week-long access to a Loft 19 cabana is $2,000 (plus an 18 percent gratuity). When renting a cabana in advance on the Carnival website, guests are shown where the cabanas are and which of them are still available for them to select" I'm not sure it seems like a waste of money to charge over $2000 for a week and then gratuity...let's see how many people actually use it I hope people don't so they lower the price of it because I can just get a cabana on the island for cheaper and go to serenity deck or have the Havana instead.
  8. I'm waiting for someone to.book loft 19 so I can see if it is worth it.
  9. Oh guava juice lol But yes got to be smart before they close the morning drink station lol. Also for drink hubby and I just buy pitchers to share .
  10. Enjoy. I always arrived early and boarded quick
  11. Get a pitcher first if you're not going to bring your own onboard for pre game drinks.
  12. Bring the packs of water and soda onboard they let you do it.
  13. I get my tumbler and fill it up with the morning juice and let it chill in the fridge.
  14. That's why you bring stuff onboard they allow it and drink a little first before buying their drinks.
  15. That sucks you have to pay for the roller coaster . I'll just set aside more cash for onboard little one would love the thrill of a roller coaster on a ship.
  16. Glad they decided to do onboard neighborhoods because I only cruised Carnival but was about to step away to see the other ships because the theme look more appealing on Royal Caribbean .
  17. Jiji asian kitchen booked it twice and had an 8 day cruise and was upset I didn't book for the entire cruise but it was my first time on the horizon lol so I was scared to eat there 😂🤣 Not scared anymore the food is good.
  18. Voice your concerns with the surveys or write them an email in large numbers
  19. I usually get the popcorn for my daughter and eat whatever I can grab pizza or whatever is available during the Buffett before they close lol. She barely eat the popcorn and then have me get up for ice cream so if they charge ice cream I'll cry lol 😂😆 keep the ice cream free please.
  20. Hahaha some reason I feel like a kid again with the waving back and forth and horn blowing 🤣😂
  21. Now I'll be in the section more this look more like for adults now compared to old serenity decks... I'll be dressed fancy in the area with my drink in hand. Thank you I need to book for this ship.
  22. Thank you for this! I love the update on the mini golf because my little one loves playing I'm sure we'd be playing a lot more with this new setup they did good on this one.
  23. They don't have the other chairs I see it was better to block the sun out.
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