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  1. Thanks for this heads up. Interestingly, there was nothing indicating a price drop on the excursion I booked, but it had gone down $60 in price so I saved $120 by cancelling and rebooking for me and DH.
  2. I'll be starting my first Edge journey on Sunday (Dec 8). We won our upgrade bid from a sky suite to an edge villa, I'm so excited! I'll be following this thread for tips and advice.
  3. I don't have any inside contacts at Celebrity, but I would be willing to write them or sign a petition to them asking for some kind of permanent memorial to Marilyn on the Edge. I can't think of anyone who would be more deserving of such an honor.
  4. Definitely true. I am on the Edge for a week starting 12/8 and there have been a number of excursion sales for that itinerary. I am also on Infinity for 5 days starting 12/16 and haven't seen an excursion sale at all.
  5. This is sad news indeed. The information in her posts has been invaluable to me and I always admired her graciousness on this forum.
  6. Wow! Now I think that should go under the category "butler hall of fame"!
  7. Last year we took our first cruise and stayed in a royal suite on Infinity (probably a tactical error because it set a VERY high bar). Since it was our first cruise and only 4 days, we dined in every restaurant because everything was new and exciting. In July we did a last minute cruise to Alaska on Millenium in aqua class. On both cruises we had a couple of breakfasts served in our room but the quality suffered compared to being in the restaurant. Next week we start our next cruise adventure. We will be on Edge December 8 for 7 nights and I won my moveup bid so we will be in an E
  8. Yes, as long as you keep the bottle in the room there is no corkage fee. If you want to pour a glass in your room and take it to dinner or wherever then there is no fee.
  9. Sounds lovely, the itinerary is on my wish list but will have to be a few years in the future.
  10. I just won a moveup bid for an edge villa on the Dec 8 cruise. I plan on doing a live blog but at the very least I'll post to the Edge cabin compilation when I return.
  11. I look forward to following this as it adds to my precruise anticipation. We are in an RS on Infinity on 12/16 after our SS on Edge on 12/8.
  12. I didn't know you could see the chefs in the open kitchen from the ground floor. Thanks for mentioning that because I love watching chefs "do their thing" and this moves Eden from a "maybe" to a "yes please" in my mind.
  13. It was not on my platinum or hilton amex but it was on my "everyday amex" (Amex branding name, not mine and I rarely use it LOL). I don't know if it has anything to do with it but I've never used my "everyday" card with Celebrity but I have used the other 2.
  14. When I read the fine print on my offer it says that it is only valid for cruise reservations and is not valid for OBC or other on board purchases. It also says that the reservation must be made through AMEX travel, celebrity mobile app, or an AMEX approved travel agent.
  15. So sorry about the painful start to your trip and I sincerely hope the pain and healing go quickly. I am very grateful for any insight you can give us as your trip progresses.
  16. Thank you so much for taking us along. I will be on the Edge on December 8 and this has really added to my precruise experience.
  17. I haven't been on an S class ship before or had a CS. I can tell you that I stayed in an RS on Infinity last year when I found a great deal and LOVED it! We really enjoyed the whirlpool tub on the balcony - we ended most of our evenings drinking champagne and relaxing in it. We also enjoyed having all of the specialty dining included, we could be indulgent and only feel guilty about the calories. In fact, we enjoyed it so much we recently booked the same cabin for a trip this December when I found another great deal for it.
  18. Thank you so much for taking us along on your wonderful vacation. I will be on the Dec 8 cruise for my first time on Edge. I feel like I have all the info I need to hit the ground running when I board. Safe travels home!
  19. Wow, I thought I was the travel hack queen but I bow to the king!
  20. I totally understand the temptation to book a cruise to get the status change but I've resisted (so far!) For me, one of the biggest benefits of Capt Club is the tier matching with Mlife (MGM casino properties). We have a timeshare in Vegas so I that means I get benefits on land and sea vacations. I just discovered the joy of cruising so I'm still quite far from elite status, I'll be select after our December cruises.
  21. I have not cruised with friends but I have done a lot of traveling with friends and family. I always set the expectation that everyone is responsible for their own fun. Just because you are traveling together, doesn't mean you have to do everything together. If you want to do something, share it with the group but be prepared to do it on your own if no one else is interested. If you don't want to do something, feel free to take a pass. I can't say this has completely eliminated the occasion hurt feelings or discontent, but it allows me to not feel responsible for other people's good time (or l
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