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  1. Just booked An6hem for next April. Does anyone know what Royal expects crowd levels to be by next April?
  2. When did rcl add the Category? And does anyone know what former category inside especially deck 13 fwd? We have 2 inside connected cabins on the Anthem. Trying to figure out the layout of the room.
  3. Looking to hook up my laptop to the in room TV. Via HDMI. Does Carnival allow this?
  4. Anyone else disturbed by two adults maxing out the cheers beverage limit every day while caring for a 5 yo? DYFUS HELLO!
  5. If this is an issue. Going on a cruise is obviously going to cause extreme stress. what would be the point in going. Do something else you feel more comfortable doing at this time.
  6. I definitely understand the OP’s concern especially now since cases are in the rise again and will prob cause a backlog in PCR testing. I sure hope someone high up at CCL is reading these posts.
  7. Crisis averted. Got the copy of the Marriage license. Printer server was down. They will call me when it’s ready to be picked up.
  8. Found the birth certificate. Just need a copy of the marriage license. Unfortunately it was destroyed years ago by water damage. Never had a need to replace it.
  9. OMG - I screwed up… i thought our passports expire in 2022. THEY BOTH ARE NOW EXPIRED. Anyone know what to do? can we get expedited passports if we are willing to pay for the service? HELP ME BEFORE MY WIFE KILLS ME….
  10. For two weeks trying to book a few specific restaurants for our Horizon cruise. only Ji Ji & steakhouse comes up. Carnival was no help. Anyone else see that online?
  11. Thank you all for your input. I will show her this thread tonight and discuss. Hopefully she will come around. Myself and the kids really want this trip to go on as scheduled.
  12. Thats almost exactly what I said to my wife last night. The kids play sports, and are back to a (more normal) active life. However, oddly enough my oldest was grounded the other day, so he is pretty much locked in his room. My wife is not usually an alarmist. But in this situation it has more to do with 4k people in a relatively confined space. And she is claustrophobic. Perhaps that plays a roll in this.
  13. My wife is getting nervous about getting on a cruise ship. We have a family vacation booked on the Horizon on Aug 21. We are a family of 5 all vaccinated. we are in connected balcony rooms. Last night my wife told me she wants to cancel because thinks the ship will be sailing at capacity by then. And no longer at reduced capacity and does not want to risk a breakthrough case with one of our kids. Our kids are in their teens and healthy. I dont know what to do. I told her everything has a risk associated with it. But she is spooked at the rise in cases with fully vaccinated people. This is the first time in our marriage that im not sure what the right thing to do is. Im a looking to you guys for some advice. Is she right about the capacity? Or will it still be about the 70-75% since the restart? Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Regards. D.L.
  14. Quest will be allowed. However all participants must wear a full hazmat suit. How will bras and high heels look on that🤔?
  15. This obviously is just speculation. Its only my dumb opinion. My brother owns a restaurant in Cambridge MA. He knows when/if he reopens, the social distancing will have to be adhered to. His floor plan can accommodate 24/4 top tables. He knows he will have to remove at least half. His profit margin will be negatively impacted for the foreseeable future. Because our society is NOT designed for this, the business model simply does not exist for this pandemic. We are all making it up as we go along with life. So, if he has to open at 50% maximum capacity. One would assume this carries over to all business, simply to start over in a post pandemic business world. its as good as any guess from any expert simply because this is new to everyone. However silly my idea may be. Chances are, I’m not too far off from what the actual situation may be.
  16. Its funny to me how many people are afraid of getting Covid. They don’t want to be on a ventilator, But they are smokers. They are diabetic they are at higher risk, but they keep eating unhealthy. They are afriad because they have heart disease, But will eat that hamburger. we are a bunch of hypocrites, we are so afraid, but we do the harm to ourselves. last week I watched a woman in the COSTCO parking lot wearing a mask, but lifted it up to smoke a cigarette on the way back to her car. if they were to test every citizen of the USA. They estimated that there would be 70% antibody positive results. We have mostly all been exposed already.
  17. FYI: With the MV coupons you cant combine any other Casinoroyale or group rates.
  18. Yes, but from a psychological standpoint they must get people cruising again. Even at a MAJOR financial loss. That is what must happen. After 9/11 airlines were flying 90% empty, they had to entice people to fly by offering ridiculously low fares just to get asses in the seats again. Its just the economics of fear pricing.
  19. They will only sell Balcony cabins. Inside & ocean view will not be sold just in case of a quarantine people can get fresh air. Also 1 entire deck will be for quarantined passengers only. That deck will not be in inventory either. Balcony Cabins will be sold In half capacity. So every other Cabin will not be occupied unless they are interconnected staterooms for family’s.
  20. I just watched a video discussing the very real possibility that no cruise will leave a US port until 2022. I don’t know the posting rules to link the video. So to be cautious, search youtube for “Bruce no cruises until 2022” very compelling. And very sad. If this were to happen. It would crush the industry irreparably. what do you think will happen. Should be an interesting thread. Please reply with your Thoughts on this.
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