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  1. We often have friends over for drinks and I send DH for nachos, salsa and guacamole all the time.
  2. I think all cruise lines are getting more casual. Some allow some don’t. suggest you talk to staff.
  3. Go ahead and bring on as much water and pop as you want. No worries of it being confiscated.
  4. Thrak if it makes you feel any better the casino offer was not offered to us while we were on a cruise. It was a promo sent to us last November.
  5. “I found that when you can afford any restaurant without thinking about the bill, life gets a lot more easy” Never thought of it that way. Thanks We are truly blessed !
  6. I don’t play long and limit myself to $100 per night. And we don’t go every night.
  7. We are not big gamblers and were offered this promotion. We won on the first night of the cruise and the whole cruise was free. Maybe that is why we never got the offer again.
  8. Did you receive a personal email with this promotion ?
  9. Yes,, you can bring that paid corkage bottle anywhere onboard.
  10. Agree no tipping required but we always bring cash to tip with.
  11. Princess has become more lax in enforcing guidelines. A shirt and dress pant will do. My husband has not brought a jacket onboard for years. We have never been turned away.
  12. Did Princess offer the 5 night cruise for 49.00 in an inside and 99.00 for a balcony for casino play. We did this last year in November but heard nothing this year.
  13. I have booked from an inside to a mini suite. As long as I’m cruising I don’t care where I sleep.
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