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  1. If using ncl flight/ transfer option, how do we know arrival at port timing?
  2. Also a concern is the port of Curacao, it is on the US do not travel list, its is on the itinerary for our upcoming South Caribbean cruise in March.
  3. Noticing US is advising not traveling to certain Countries(Curacao for example) Once cruising ,what happens if cruise ports are closed?
  4. So you are saying its only $50 per port, not per excursion?
  5. Question about shore excursion credits/ 1st passenger: my husband and I may wish to go on different shore excursions at same port, as the $50 credit is applied to the 1st passenger only,for example, could I book under my husbands name( he,s 1st passenger) and take the shore excursion myself?
  6. Booked cruise ( not final payment date yet)Saw the one week previous cruise has better itinerary. Is it possible to switch? Price basically the same (+$25)
  7. These test done at checkin?How long till results?Do you wait in cruise terminal until result is in?
  8. If we bring a bottle of wine, and pay the $15 corkage fee, can we take the bottle to our cabin ourselves, or do we have to turn it in a checkin desk?
  9. Our daughter is planning a cruise for January, hoping to take our Grandaughter.Will she have to be fully vaccinated to go one cruise?Her state ( Georgia) is not offering vax. to children under 12 at this time.
  10. Can I use OBC towards specialty dinning?
  11. Looking at Trolley as an excursion.How far from cruise dock is pickup point? Drop off point walking distance back to ship?
  12. Does NCL sometimes use 2 different airlines for departure and return?
  13. Booked cruise using BOGO flight deal,received info on Airport/routes that will be used, but not flight times or airlines. Anyone know when that info will be available? Trying to decide if we'll drive to departure airport morning of, or book hotel night prior.
  14. Do most cruisers pre pay the gratuities for their cruise? Pros and Cons of doing so?
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