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  1. tommy

    Free Cruise

    Well his answer was a joke.Yes they will match the value of the cruise.We paid a little extra and moved to a suite,It was a good deal.We were just concerned that they would not honor that suite at the price we got it for.We were told the deal holds at what we have.
  2. tommy

    Free Cruise

    Thanks we did call and if the cruise is cancelled they will give you a cruise of equal value.
  3. tommy

    Free Cruise

    Wow,over 3500 postings and thats the best you could come up with,Called you can lift the cruise as long as its with-in a year.
  4. What happens if your free cruise is cancelled Do you get FCC? Can you lift and shift a free cruise?
  5. EXACTLY I agree.Problem is the phone people for Celebrity dont always know what they are talking about.Kind of like some on this board.My point was if you are not happy let them know.We were told by office of the ceo these were extreme circumstances and there is NO policy for whats going on.Anyway good luck TOM
  6. Wow 1st Iam not a millennial not that it makes a difference.It was a back to back booking.When I cancelled I was told this will be a cruise credit of $5000 1 credit not 2.We were mislead by everyone we talked to from celebrity.We were told by corporate office we could use fcc separate or together for the 2. We chose to combine.To bad if you are disappointed because Celebrity made a fair decision.
  7. OK end of story we did e-mail ceo Lisa. We receive reply from office of Lisa. FCC SHOULD HAVE BEEN COMBINED we now have $5000 cruise credit.We received taxes&port charges credited back to our card. TOM
  8. I actually did e-mail Lisa and called obvious she is busy.I know under normal circumstances someone at Celebrity would have done something to fix my issue.
  9. Yea I know there are a lot of cheerleaders on the board I used to be one.I dont want to start a back and forth on the subject.I was just hoping for someone at Celebrity to think about customer relations,plus we were told by a member of the captains club we could combine the 2 cruise credits.I understand these are unusual times in cruising.T hey certainly did not exceed my expectations.
  10. First let me say I fully understand these are difficult times for the cruise industry.We had a b2b 11day and a 10 day on the Reflection sailing date end of March to early April 2020.Knowing this wasnt going to happen we called Celebrity.I was told we could cancel cruise and reschedule at a later date.great we did this made it for Oct' Nov sailing we were than told it would be $1500 more.Not good but I get it.OK what other options do we have.Can we just get a refund and rebook at a later date.WE were told no they could make it a cruise credit for a future cruise Ok thats what we did.This was on a Friday.The following monday Celebrity came out with a very fair offer of 125%cruise credit or full refund.I called and was told Since I already cancelled and took a cruise credit I did not qualify.I asked if I could speak with a supervisor.We were put on hold for 30 minutes finally a rep came and told me the same. I explained we were select sailors if that helps.She replied no it does not.Nothing could be done.I asked her what her name and title is.She replied Rosie R and she is the supervisor on duty.Asked again she would not give her last name ok.So I asked to speak with her direct supervisor.She replied that would do NO good and she could not give out any phone#. So we check Nov cruises and for what we paid for 21 day with balcony,We could get 7 day and have 600 remaining in cruise credits or a 11 day and owe an additional $500.either way not a fair exchange.Went on line got several Celebrity #s.None could help/.Finally called celebrity cruise corp talked with Zoey.Went thru whole story with her..I asked about why NO one would try to help and 1would not even give me her name. Zoey said she was sorry,and her name is Zoey Wright.And we could call her with any issues that being said.She also could do nothing for us.We gave up.decided to use $5000 dollar cruise credit and do a 6day in a suite. Ok done. NOOO.now we are told THE CRUISE CREDIT WERE FOR 2 CRUISES A 11 DAY AND A 10 DAY.WE CAN ONLY APPLY one .We are Very disappointed with Celebrity.We are currently waiting to here from someone to see if they will combine the cruise credit.I know this is long and boring story,but it is not half of what we have gone thru.Just have to get it out since no one from Celebrity will get back to us.
  11. No we like journey I think the tribute band had a BAD night.
  12. We just off the Equinox Dec 14 sailing We went to the show and it was bad It was a lot of guitar solos and not enough singing The lead singer kept leaving the stage I have never seen so many people walk out of a show At least 50 people walked out We kept waiting for the show to get better It didn't and we finally walked out Anyone else see the show? Deb
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