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  1. Can anyone doing B2B June 26 and July 3 explain the procedure Did You get a co vid test ? Did you have to get off ship? How long did it Take ? We are doing B2B July 10 and 17
  2. I have July 4th booked thru casino I called to see if I would lose my free cruise if July 4th was cancelled He said July 4th has not been cancelled yet He said to wait till next week and they should know something He also said I could lift and switch to next year same time if cruise is cancelled
  3. I was just on celebrity web site It shows the Edge almost sold out Just balcony cabins Is the ship really really sailing tomorrow? Or is this a typo
  4. We are on Equinox May 23 2021 I was looking to make this a B2B I wanted to go on cruise prior to May 23 Ther are cruises on May 2 May 9 and May 23 Where is ship between May 16 and May 23
  5. Did anyone else receive the email
  6. I got an email yesterday for free balcony Do I receive all inclusive with the free cruise
  7. We never had a butler How much do you tip him
  8. tommy


    I'm not sad We took advantage of the break from cruising New furniture new fans carpeting I never realized how much we spent on cruising I also got both knees replaced I had been putting it off for years We are now living our lives and we are no longer hooked on cruising We have 3 cruises booked but doubt they will happen One is a 10 day in March I really doubt this will happen Another in May Maybe and another in Nov
  9. Well his answer was a joke.Yes they will match the value of the cruise.We paid a little extra and moved to a suite,It was a good deal.We were just concerned that they would not honor that suite at the price we got it for.We were told the deal holds at what we have.
  10. Thanks we did call and if the cruise is cancelled they will give you a cruise of equal value.
  11. Wow,over 3500 postings and thats the best you could come up with,Called you can lift the cruise as long as its with-in a year.
  12. What happens if your free cruise is cancelled Do you get FCC? Can you lift and shift a free cruise?
  13. EXACTLY I agree.Problem is the phone people for Celebrity dont always know what they are talking about.Kind of like some on this board.My point was if you are not happy let them know.We were told by office of the ceo these were extreme circumstances and there is NO policy for whats going on.Anyway good luck TOM
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